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21 June 2019

This day combined a couple playlists and a Revariety of themes.
Walking. Morningside Gardens.
Stretching. Started at the Gym at the Shire, when the woman beside me started doing headstands in the middle of the room, retreated to the Shire itself.
Wandering – Peter Kater & R. Carlos Nakai
Exodus – Bob Marley & The Wailers
The Refugee – U2
No Human Is Illegal – The Wakes
Refugee – Eric Bogle
Give Peace a Chance – Aerosmith & Sierra Leone’s Refugee All-Stars
Matamoros Banks – Bruce Springsteen
Gourm – Etran Fintawa
Take Me to Cleveland – Robert Neustadt
Look in Their Eyes – David Crosby
A SafePlace to Land – Sara Bareilles
Running – Common & Gregory Porter
Living in the Promised Land – Willie Nelson
Goodman, Schwemer abd Chaney – Tom Paxton
Those Three Are on My  Mind – Kim Harris & Magpie
Summer – War
Summersong – The Decemberists
Summtertime – RobertaFlack
Summer Sent You – Mary Black
Symmer Side of Life – Gordon Lightfoot
Summer Soft – Stevie Wonder
Summertime – Janis Joplin


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20 June 2019

Although this was the playlist for June 19, the exercise did not happen until today.
Walking. Morningside Gardens.
Stretching. Shire.
Juneteenth – Cast of Black-ish
Freedom – Beyonce
I’m Just a Slave – The Roots
We Built This – Cast of Black-ish
Not a Slave – Dre’ Sr.
People Get Ready – The Impressions
Oh Freedom – Kim & Reggie Harris
Get on Board Little Children – Paul Robeson
Freedom – Richie Havens
Freedom Train – Sweet Honey in the Rock
Sing a Song – Earth, Wind & Fire
Freedom Now – Tracy Chapman
Freedom Road – The Blind Boys of Alabama
Freedom Train – Lenny Kravitz
People Gotta Be Free – Keb’ Mo’
Juneteenth – Suav
Shimmer, Prayer for Cleaning the Water – Joy Harjo
Trail of Tears Song, We Will Go Together – Joy Harjo

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A treasure I am thankful for

Treasure Nov 21

A place.
A safe place.
A place of welcome.
A style of life.

Traci Smith, author of Faithful Families: Creating Sacred Moments at Home has provided a gift of the November 2018 Gratitude Every Day calendar. I am using it as an opportuity to revisit photos and post them as they speak to gratitude.

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Purple not flowers – exercise gear

IMG_1706 (1)I had fallen away from my exercise routine. After a stretch where I worked out daily, I probably logged five workouts in the last month. I put out an alert to my friends and support network. They responded. Some offered encouragement. Some shared expressions of concern. Some even used the “l” word. And some figuratively kicked my butt.

Joann Haejong Lee essentially said, “Get thee to the gymery and attend the Prince’s songs as thou moveth.”

Maybe her message was a tad more direct and a lot less faux Shakespeare. But I got her point.

And to the gym I went. And with a Prince playlist there seemed only one shirt and bandanna choice.

See you along the Trail (and hopefully in the gym).


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Purple flowers, Morningside Gardens 2

photo (42) (600x800)


A purple flower stands guard
as the garden receives
its morning drink.

Shire near the Hudson
29 June 2013

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Purple flowers: with thanks to all the Sams out there

From The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers:

Faramir: [to Frodo and Sam] My men tell me that you are Orc spies. 
Sam: Spies! Now wait just a minute! 
Faramir: Well, if you’re not spies, then who are you? 
[they remain silent, Faramir sighs and sits
Faramir: Speak! 
Frodo: We are Hobbits of the Shire. Frodo Baggins is my name and this is Samwise Gamgee. 
Faramir: Your bodyguard? 
Sam: His gardener.

When I came into possession of the Shire near the Hudson, it was under renovation. Serious renovation. Tuck pointing. Roof repair. April 20 marked my first view of the Shire without scaffolding.

With the scaffolding gone, landscaping work has begun. Today, I noticed several of my neighbors digging in the dirt, spreading mulch and fertilizer, watering, and planting. 

It reminded me that many purple flowers grow freely in the wild. Others require the patient tender care of gardeners.

A day early, in honor of Sam Gamgee, my neighbors at the Shire near the Hudson, and gardeners everywhere, I offer purple flowers from the Shire:

photo (18) (1024x758)

Shire near the Hudson
2 June 2013


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The usual mixture

I bask in the Manhattan sun,
warm against my face

and remember Ireland a year ago
with Tricia and with friends,

and rejoice with Joel and Roja
whose promises drew us across the water,

and ache for Joe who joined us there
and today grieves his brother’s death.

Disparate feelings stir, mix, tug,
today, as every day. Life.

27 April 2013
Shire near the Hudson

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