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Of writing and eating

The day was spent writing – working on a statement about the Israeli interception and attack on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla. The statement got finished and published. And most of the day was gone. Snuck in some additional work on other items as well.

No movies – but picked up Irene (the first person to stay in a renovated room in the Shire) and went for a good dinner with a great group at Havana Rumba. Good times. And good food. Tricia was driving down from Cleveland – she did not make it to the restaurant, but she was the first person (other than the painting staff) to see a renovated room in the Shire.

Tomorrow I am leading worship at the Center on the World Week for Peace in Palestine Israel. A number of folks will be assisting – including Tricia who will celebrate communion with me.

See you along the Trail.


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Of completed closets and cleaning dwarves

Today saw the completion of the two closets at the Shire – one downstairs and one upstairs. And items were moved back into them clearing up floor space. That of course was a whole lot easier to accomplish when Eric was here and could make the trip up and down the stairs.

This new development allowed the cleaning dwarves to do their thing – well at least a version of their thing.

Tricia will be here next week for the General Assembly Leadership briefing. Irene Pak will stay for one night. It will definitely be a “pardon our dust, we are creating a better Shire for you” type of experience for them.

During the in-between times, when I was focusing on work, I continued making my way through Eric’s videos. Man on Fire with Denzel was a highlight. Prince Caspian is in now but the time to call it a night is nigh.

See you along the Trail.

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