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Of completed closets and cleaning dwarves

Today saw the completion of the two closets at the Shire – one downstairs and one upstairs. And items were moved back into them clearing up floor space. That of course was a whole lot easier to accomplish when Eric was here and could make the trip up and down the stairs.

This new development allowed the cleaning dwarves to do their thing – well at least a version of their thing.

Tricia will be here next week for the General Assembly Leadership briefing. Irene Pak will stay for one night. It will definitely be a “pardon our dust, we are creating a better Shire for you” type of experience for them.

During the in-between times, when I was focusing on work, I continued making my way through Eric’s videos. Man on Fire with Denzel was a highlight. Prince Caspian is in now but the time to call it a night is nigh.

See you along the Trail.

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