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The painting of (most of) two closets

Today (May 30 – again posting a day or so late), the progress on the Shire renovation project saw painting done in two of the closets. In each case, the ceiling and the walls were painted. The woodwork remains to do. That will be the task for tomorrow.

The strategy here is to finish the closets so they can be used as storage. This is especially needful since Tricia and Irene will be staying here on Tuesday.

The X-Men marathon was completed successfully while working on various projects for which I get paid.

See you along the Trail.


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The preparing of the closets

This should have been posted yesterday – May 29, 2010.

It was a day of multi-tasking that included:

  • taking Eric to the airport to go to New Mexico
  • a visit to Target to take advantage of a sale on Pepsi products
  • a visit to Home Depot to take advantage of a rebate on Behr paints

The multi-tasking continued as the Shire renovation progressed. The following work took place at more or less the same time:

  • painting shelves for three closets
  • preparing two closets for painting
  • washing the doors of one closet
  • making ready to move things from room to room to make ready for guests
  • changing furnace filters

The plan for today (May 30) is to paint the two closets and fill out the vouchers on Behr paints.

After the work, I finished watching Dances with Wolves. Eric and I had started it Friday evening – after Iron Man 2.

The day’s big news is that Sean did a half-marathon in Madison. I am extremely proud of him. I do need to point out that I am engaged in an X-Men marathon (Eric left his videos at the Shire). Seriously, though, Sean’s effort has inspired me to go into extensive training for the half-fifty yard walk.

But now – off to lunch and then to the painting.

See you along the Trail.

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The Painting of the Shire – Room 1

The Shire, consistently ranked as Louisville’s finest bed, has important news for all our regular guests, our potential guests, and . . . our other guests (irregular just does not fit some how).

The Shire, grand old bastion of fine sleeping in Louisville, is receiving a makeover.

Phase One of the much-needed and long-anticipated renovation has begun!

You can count on the same sterling service (we’ve retained the cleaning dwarves and the transportation elf) but in much more pleasant surroundings.

All services provided in the past will be provided in the future.

With a massive jump-start by hobbit friend Mary Lidtke and support from son Eric, the first room has been painted. Technically it still needs to be cleaned and redecorated – but why quibble about details – it is no longer green! Some staff members wanted to continue to work today, but others are so giddy at no longer seeing green everywhere, that we are headed to Smoothie King to celebrate!!

Note that:
Rates will NOT increase.
In fact, those who extend their stay and help with the renovations may receive rebates.
Frequent Shire points remain good.

Remember, when the trail brings you Louisville way, the Shire has a bed for you.

See you along the Trail.

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And so it begins again

I get a one out of three today. I ate well. No focused walking and only 4024 steps. But not eating is a start.

Went to see Robin Hood with Eric and Sparky. Good flick. Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett good as always. An interesting spin on the story. And a set up for a sequel.

Off to bed to get some sleep before an 8:00 am meeting.

See you on the trail.

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Not the best day

Overate – but did avoid eating foods with large quantities of sugar. There was this doctor who used to say that it is better to eat apples than Oreos.

Did not make it to the gym – still nursing a blister. But it is getting better.

Did walk for 10,102 steps.

One out of three.

The Penguins lost. I suppose I can’t really set a goal for a situation in which I have no control, but it would have been nice for them to win.

Did catch the end of The Outlaw Josey Wales on the tube after the hockey loss.

Tomorrow will be another day.

See you along the Trail.

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Goals met, foot protected

Whenever I try to get back in the exercise groove, I have a tendency to overdo things – to go too hard too quickly. Where this usually plays out is in a blister on my foot. This time is no exception.

So today, instead of doing nothing and instead of going all out, I took it easy and spaced my walking. I made it to the gym, but went 20 minutes on the treadmill instead of 40. I needed some groceries so I walked around the store for about 20 minutes. I found a couple of other times to walk just a little bit longer.

I suppose I did not make the letter of the goal for focused exercise. But I believe I achieved the spirit. I did eat well. And I did make 10,392 steps. I am calling that all three goals met. Four days.

Neither the Cavaliers nor the Pens played today. I did a Netflix video about Bonhoeffer.

At the gym, I watched the Phoenix Los Suns game against San Antonio. It’s a pretty good gesture. And now I am hooked. I am watching the end of their game and they will be my second team.

See you along the Trail.

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Quick post tonight – had planned to go longer – but need to post on the Peacemaking Program blog about folks who are going to the Philippines as election observers. Say a prayer for the people of the Philippines and those who plan to serve as election observers.

A good day

Went to gym for first time in long time. 40 minutes on treadmill. Remembered how to use it.
Ate well
11,359 steps

Pens won.

See you along the Trail.

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That’s right. Two.

Two days of focused walking.
Two days of healthy eating.
Two days of over 10,000 steps (10, 565).

Two days in a row of achieving my goals.

It has been a long time since that happened. And it feels good.

Not so good was the Cavaliers game. Here’s hoping that things change there. And that things change tomorrow for the Pens.

A great show about Harry Pickens and his music on KET took some of the sting away.

Denzel Washington is on in Bone Collector at the moment. However, I am going upstairs and read as a way of resisting eating.

See along the Trail.

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Success – at least for a day

I made it! Or at least I will shortly.

A day of eating well, some focused walking, and 10,045 steps!

Defenses are weakening and I am going to head up to bed and read – that should be better than eating.

And I did it on a day when the Penguins lost! Watching the Kevin Costner Robin Hood on Netflix. It appears to be a director’s cut or an extended version – definitely noticing some differences.

Now if I can start stringing a few days together . . .

See you along the Trail.

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Time for some honesty

The last stretch of time has been bad. Very bad. Maybe one or two days at the gym. And eating everything in sight. Not many 10,000 step days.

Not sure I understand why. No question that I feel the effects. There were moments when I thought I might try again, but they never lasted more than a couple of hours.

Now something may be stirring. I am feeling like I might begin again. I thought it might be yesterday. I did not make it to the gym, but I did focused walking at the Shire. I accomplished 10,305 steps. And, until about 10:30 p.m. I did not overeat. It got ugly after that. But that was the best day I have had in a long time.

I am trying again today. I have done some focused walking. And I have eaten well. We will see how things go. I need to go the store and get batteries for my pedometer. It’s a tad difficult to have a step count goal and no way to count the steps.

Thanks to all who have emailed or talked to me with encouraging words. Thanks to all who have sent good thoughts my way.

See you along the Trail.

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