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With thanks to Thomas Builds-the-Fire

Some days may be good days to die.

Some days may be good days to have breakfast.

Some days are good days.

See you along the Trail.

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Why I like New York 23: the view from my office

It is hard to beat the view of all the flags of the UN Member states – bright colors on a sunny day.

The moon over Manhattan last night did that. This photo does not do it justice, but it reminds me of the beauty.


28 November 2012
from the Presbyterian Ministry at the United Nations
Manhattan, New York

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Purple flowers, Pueblo Zoo



From Greeley, we made our way south to
Ghost Ranch.
We stopped to view the Pueblo Zoo.
Among the fauna and the flora
purple flowers greeted us.

Then the rain greeted us.
We spent some time in a shelter with
some wonderful folks and
more than enough obnoxious mosquitoes.

11 July 2011
Pueblo Zoo
Pueblo, CO

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Democracy is as much about what happens between elections as it is about what happens during them.
Sergio Vieira de Mello

I have finished¬†Chasing the Flame,¬†Samantha Power’s biography of Sergio Vieiria de Mello. Actually I finished it some time ago. Among the quotes that stay with me, is this reflection on democracy.

We – the United States – has come through an election cycle. We voted on the federal, state, and local level. We made choices on a president, senators, congress people, governors, mayors, city council people, judges and more. In some places, people made decisions on ballot issues such as marriage equality and the death penalty.

Candidates and PACS raised and spent tons – obscene tons in some ways – of money. Candidates said words profound and words disturbing. Fundraising appeals filled our email in-boxes. Robo-calls annoyed us. People went door-to-door and made phone calls and stuffed mail and entered data and planted posters and more on behalf of the candidate of their choice.

All important. All critical. All needed. And yet, only a part of democracy.

The votes are counted. Our work begins. Here are some ways that I know we can work:

We advocate for our concerns and about decisions that impact our sisters and brothers with those who have been elected.

We take part in community organizations and community organizing.

We support campaigns that address issues of concern to us and to our sisters and brothers.

We make phone calls, send emails and letters, visit.

We engage in the public policy making process when those policies are made by governments and when they are made by corporations.

We use our money through gifts and purchases to express our values. Or perhaps, we ponder what values our use of money expresses and whether we need to reshape how we give and spend.

What are some others? How do you practice democracy between elections?

See you along the Trail.

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While squirrels in New York enjoy
a varied diet,
some squirrels still
enjoy acorns

27 October 2012
Central Park
New York, New York

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Will you share?

Some squirrels find all sorts of things to eat in New York.

This one has not – at least not at the time of this photo.

Although it seemed like the squirrel expected to receive something.

See you along the Trail

The photo was taken in Central Park on 24 November 2012.

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Purple flowers, Cleveland Heights back yard 1

Purple patterns
dance across
a backdrop
of green.

13 August 2011
Cleveland Heights, Ohio

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