11 October 2019

Walking with some slow jogging. 5K distance.
North East, Maryland
First People: Promise Given – R. Carlos Nakai
Cinnamon Girl – Neil Young & Crazy Horse
Coming Home – Mary Fahl
Run & Hide – Nicki Minaj
An Tiomanai – Kila
Pride and Joy – Stevie Ray Vaughan
Image of the Beast – Jimmy Cliff
Yo Soy Boricua – Taino
Mozart: Piano Concerto #21, K 467, Andante – Svetlana Sanceva & Mozart Festival Orchestra
Second Line – Charmaine Neville
Stick Game Song – Bad Canyon Wellpinit Singers
You Bring Me Joy – Mary  J. Blige
Angel – Rod Stewart
Le Danseur de Charleston – Eartha Kitt & Henri Rene
Blues Power – Eric Clapton
Lakse of Ponchartrain – Christy Moore


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10 October 2019

There are days when I don’t feel like working out and I push myself and get the workout done. Today  the music pulled me through.

I did not want to work out; in part I blame the flu shot I received early this morning. But I had already made my playlist. This would have been my father’s birthday (he died in 1974). His taught high school band and then became a school administrator. But he kept his hands in music, directing among other groups a community band. For a couple of years I played baritone horn in the band. This playlist consists of songs the band played. Except as otherwise noted, all the songs are by Leonard Bernstein and the  New York Philharmonic – one of my dad’s favorite groups.

Gym at the Shire.
Treadmill. Walking. Core work. Stretching.
Scotland the Brave – The Isle of Cumbrae Pipe Band (we played this one with a pipe band in Grove City)
The Thunderer
Washington Post
Hands Across the Sea
Under the Double Eagle
The  British Grenadiers
The National Emblem
March of theToreadors from Carmen
Grand March from Aida
Colonel Bogey

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9 October 2019

Gym at the Shire.
Strength work.
Treadmill – walking, slow jogging.
Without You – Badfinger
Train Station Farewell – Elliot Goldenthal
Sleepy Eyed John – Laurie Lews & Tom Rozum
My Lover – Melissa Etheridge
Friend – Roberta Flack
I’m on My Way to the Freedom Land – Sweet Honey in the Rock
Left in the Dark – Carter Anderson
Patriot’s Dream – Arlo Guthrie
A Game – Talib Kweli
Beautifyl – Nanci Griffith
Glory Days – Eric Bogle & John Munro
Breathe – U2
St. Peter’s Cathedral – Death Cab for Cutie
Hands Across the Sea – Leonard Bernstein & New York Philharmonic
I Call Your Name – The Beatles
Faded – Ben Harper

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“I am a man”

In 1879, Chief Standing Bear of the Ponca people successfully argued that Native Americans are “persons within the meaning of the law” with the right of habeas corpus. The result of case, held in a U.S. District Court in Omaha, meant that Chief Standing Bear became the first Native American judicially granted civil rights under U.S. law. 

Nebraska recently unveiled a statue of Chief Standing Bear in the U.S. Capitol. A recent story about the statue and Standing Bear in The Washington Post story quotes Standing Bear’s affirmation of common humanity during his trial:

On the second day, Chief Standing Bear was called to testify, becoming the first Native American to do so. He raised his right hand and, through an interpreter, said: “My hand is not the color of yours, but if I pierce it, I shall feel pain. If you pierce your hand, you also feel pain. The blood that will flow from mine will be the same color as yours. The same god made us both. I am a man.”

“I am a man.” – Sanitation workers in Memphis, Tennesse.

“Ain’t I a woman,” – Sojourner Truth.

“I am a person. I am a human being.” – Countless people in countless situations.

Again and again, people have had to make that assertion as they struggle for civil rights and human rights in the face of oppression, discrimination, and prejudice.  The struggle continues today. It is shared across all social identities as structures grant privilege to some but  not to all. Key to creating and maintaining that privilege is denying the humanity of other people. When will we ever learn that everyone – everyone – is a human being entitled to basic human rights? When will we ever learn to treat one another with respect and love?

For Chief Standing Bear and Sojourner Truth and the sanitation workers of Memphis, may we renew our efforts to eviscerate, in the word of the CoInspire Conference, racism, sexism, ageism, ableism, homophobia, and all systems of privilege and oppression.

Learn more about Chief Standing Bear:

The Trial of Standing Bear – a PBS film

Chief Standing Bear: The Trail Ahead

The Story of Chief Standing Bear (.pdf)

“I Am a Man”: Chief Standing Bear’s Journey for Justice

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8 October 2019

Gym at the Shire. Strength work. Core work. Stretching. Treadmill – slow jogging and walking.
Resonance: Homage to the Ancient Ones – R. Carlos Nakai
In My Life – The Beatles
Just Like a Woman – Calexico & Charlotte Gainsbourg
Soul Sister – Sam & Dave
The Pan Piper – Miles Davis
The Foggy  Dew – The Battering Ram
Treat Me Like Your Money – Macy Gray
Big – John  McCutcheon
Ni’bixi Dxi Zina – Binni Gula’za
Mama You Been on My Mind – Rod Stewart
Rambling Irishman – The Sands Family
Kol Hanshama – Abraham Jam
You Make Loving Fun – Fleetwood Mac
Down on MacConnachy Square – Brigadoon
John Henry – Harry Belafonte
High on Rebellion – Patti Smith Group
My Best Was Never Good Enough – Bruce Springsteen
The Dolphins – Richie Havens

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7 October 2019

Treadmill. Walking. Slow jogging. Strength work with NK Body Philosophy. Stretching. Gym at the Shire.
No Woman, No Cry – Nenes
Quicksand – Martha Reeves & The Vandellas
Show Some Love – Carlos Jones and the PLUS Band
When the Saints Go Marching In – Louis Armstrong
Golden Boy – Natalie Merchant
I Am a Rock – Simon & Garfunkel
E Ala E – Hawaiian Roots Band
Old French – Various
Real Friends – Camila Cabello
Thoroughly Modern Millie – Carol Channing
Fire in the Hole – Steely Dan
Imagine – Willie Nelson
Babel – Mumford & Sons
Get Me to the Church on Time – Stanley Holloway
Copperline – James Taylor

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6 October 2019

Treadmill. Walk. Slow jog. Stretching. Gym at the Shire.
Precious Lord – Fannie Lou Hamer
Run Mourner, Run – Fannie Lou Hamer
City Called Heaven – Fannie Lou Hamer
All the Pretty Little Horses – Fannie Lou Hamer
I’m Gonna Land on the Shore – Fannie Lou Hamer
Oh Lord, You Know Just How I Feel – Fannie Lou Hamer
I’m Going Down to the River of Jordan – Fannie Lou Hamer
Jesus Is My Only Friend – Fannie Lou Hamer
Pick a Bale of Cotton – Fannie Lou Hamer
Keep Your Lamps Trimmed and Burning – Fannie Lou Hamer
Walk with Me – Fannie Lou Hamer
This Little Light of Mine – Fannie Lou Hamer
Certainly Lord – Fannie Lou Hamer
Woke Up This Morning – Fannie Lou Hamer
Amazing Grace – Fannie Lou Hamer
Laramie – Magdalen Hsu-Li
Scarecrow – Melissa Etheridge
Matthew Shephard – Heather Lev
American Triangle – Elton John
Sunshine of Your Love – Cream
White Room – Cream
Presence of the Lord – Blind Faith

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