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W is for Water

Along the Box Canyon Trail,
water flows,
in some places even creating a waterfall.
Or at least falling water.

6 August 2008

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V is for Veins

That is probably not the botanically correct word,
but that is what I see in this flower,
seen near Tumbleweed.

15 July 2011

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U is for Uphill

Some trails at Ghost Ranch go uphill,
even more uphill than this one.
Hopefully the summer of 2012 will
bring a better illustration of uphill.

8 August 2008

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Which way to Mordor?

Some run marathons.

Some swim.

Some bike.

Others view.

A tradition at our house in the days after Christmas, at least most years, involves viewing Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy.

It makes for a long day. It makes for a fun day that involves – marveling at the cinematography, deepening an appreciation of the artistic accomplishment, anticipating favorite lines, giving thanks for friends as good as Frodo’s, wishing for a birthday party like Bilbo’s (at the age of 111), renewing a desire to visit New Zealand, and more.

Today the marathon began. It will fill the day.

Which way to Mordor?

See you along the Trail.


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My own set

Last night, while browsing through the sale candy at my local grocery store, Eric came across this intriguing item. One fine day, perhaps I will have a set of my own.

See you along the Trail.

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T is for Thistle

This one has posted before. I have tried to avoid repeats, but it continues to intrigue me. It grew outside of Tumbleweed where Tricia and I were staying this past summer. What struck me then and what has remains with me is how much this one plantĀ  – not there by design but simply because of its tenacity – reveals. I wrote the following last summer and repost it here.

a thistle grows in the yard,
a sturdy, prickly weed.
its green and purple hues
a simple mystery:
life to be,
triangle of eternity.

16 July 2011 (date of picture)
Ghost Ranch, New Mexico (location where poem was written)

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S is for Snow

Pedernal has had more snow in its day.

Pedernal has had more snow recently.

Someday I hope to have a camera with me when I see that.

For now, that little strip gives Pedernal a slightly different look.

24 October 2010

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