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Why the dearth of playlists

Perhaps you have noticed a lack of playlists being posted. This means a lack of exercise has been taking place.

There is a reason.

Plantar fasciitis.

Some days it is better. Some days it is really bad.

I miss the exercise and plan today to do something about that. It may mean small walks. It may mean more stretching. But look for playlists to resume shortly.

In the meantime, check out this shirt that I will be wearing.


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Laundry night in NYC

Frodo walked into Mordor,
even though one does not simply do that,
to destroy a ring of power.

Dorothy followed the Yellow Brick Road
to find the wizard who could return her to Kansas.

A shepherd, left 99 sheep behind
to search for one that was lost.

With the knights of the table round,
Galahad sought the Holy Grail.

I’m looking for a lost sock.

13 October 2018
Manhattan, New York

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Fellowship of the Shire

Originally posted about a year ago,
it seems appropriate to repost this one
in the aftermath of the sale of the Shire.

No rings, no wizards,
no reforged broken swords,
not even a walk to Mordor,
where of course no one simply walks,
but a fellowship nonetheless graced
the halls of the Shire.
Rooted in minimalist hospitality,
this fellowship of family and friends
knitted together over food and games,
movies and song,
conversation and camaraderie,
Jameson and other libations;
never present all at the same time,
always present in spirit,
the fellowship of the Shire
blesses me daily,
graces my living
and travels with me
wherever the ongoing road might lead.

In the hope that the Fellowship of the Shire has meant
and means as much to the other members
as it has and does to me.
The Shire, Louisville
19 April 2012


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Which way to Mordor?

Some run marathons.

Some swim.

Some bike.

Others view.

A tradition at our house in the days after Christmas, at least most years, involves viewing Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy.

It makes for a long day. It makes for a fun day that involves – marveling at the cinematography, deepening an appreciation of the artistic accomplishment, anticipating favorite lines, giving thanks for friends as good as Frodo’s, wishing for a birthday party like Bilbo’s (at the age of 111), renewing a desire to visit New Zealand, and more.

Today the marathon began. It will fill the day.

Which way to Mordor?

See you along the Trail.


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