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15 January 2023

The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. birthday.
North East, Maryland.
Walking to recycle and with Bentley.
Happy Birthday – Stevie Wonder
By the Time I Get to Phoenix – Public Enemy
Take My Hand, Precious Lord – Mahalia Jackson
Proud to Be Black – Run DMC
One – India.Arie
Wake Up – Rage against the Machine
Ballad of Martin Luther King – Pete Seeger, Brother Kirk & The Sesame Street Kids
Letter to the King – The Game, feat. Nas
Pride – U2
Letter to Dr. Martin Luther King – Sweet Honey in the Rock
Glory – Common & John Legend
Abraham, Martin and John – Harry Belafonte
Why? – Nina Simone


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31 December 2022 – Remembering Roberto

It seems difficult to believe that fifty years ago today, Roberto Clemente died on an errand of mercy. I will remember how he played. I will remember how he lived.

Remembering, I made a donation to the Roberto Clemente Foundation.

Remembering, I created this playlist:

Roberto – Ismael Miranda
Sueño Se Un Niño – Tito Allen
Somos La Fuerza Latina – Andy Montañez & Ismael Miranda
Roberto Y Tirabala – Andy Montañez
Orgullo De Borinquen – Lefty Pérez
Clemente (Estrella 21) – Edel Borrero
Jugando La Pelota – Jesús “Chocolate” Coombs
Jardonero Del Amor – Wichi Camacho
Lo Mejor Que Dios Ha Hecho – Angel Ramírez
Roberto Clemente – Bill Tiberio Band
Roberto Clemente – Nelson Feliciano and His Orchestra (feat. Junior Cordova)
Te Recuerdo – John McCutcheon

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29 December 2022

Stretching. Apartment.
Wounded Knee – Mickie Free
Ghost Dance – Robbie Robertson & The Red Road Ensemble
Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee – Buffy Sainte-Marie
Wounded Knee – Walela
Dreams of Wounded Knee – Bill Miller
Wounded Knee Hero – Thunder Bird Sisters
We Were All Wounded at Wounded Knee – Redbone

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AdventWord 2022 – December 25 – #Emmanuel

Emmanuel. God with us. If God is with us, any photo would work to express Emmanuel. I chose several that show working for justice, loving kindness, and walking humbly with God by visiting elected representatives, advocating, making a public witness, and amplifying other voices.

Photo 1 – New York delegation at Ecumenical Advocacy Days 2019, Washington, DC.

Photo 2 – Advocacy postcards for immigration justice, Whitestone, NY – 2018

Photo 3 – Standing Rock, SD – 2016

Photo 4 – Whitestone, NY – 2015

Photo 5 – Louisville, Ky – May 1, 2021

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AdventWord 2022 – December 23 – #restore

Great conversation about how to restore people with the Rev. Dr. Don Shriver, president emeritus at Union Theological Seminary, and the Rev. Stanley Chimeysa, prison chaplain from the Church of Central Africa Presbyterian in Malawi.

They are leading thinkers and practitioners of restorative justice.

Their thinking and acting is moving toward transformative justice.

Photo: February 11, 2019; Manhattan, New York; not sure who took the photo. Obviously not me. There were several other people present.

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AdventWord 2022 – December 22 – #choose

With thanks to Doc and Robert and all the people I do not know who choose hope and life and love by helping young people think through their choices.

This poster is from the first Teen Forum. The audience has since expanded to include all young people age 13-18.

Photo: 19 October 2022; The Bronx, New York

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AdventWord 2022 – December 21 – #obedience

With thanks to my friend Jimmie Hawkins for the profound reminder that obedience to higher principles, values, and visions often requires disobedience to unjust and immoral laws, rules and regulations. Order Unbroken and Unbowed.

Photo: 25 June, 2022; Louisville, Kentucky

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18 December 2022

Walking. Germantown.
International Migrants Day.
Unite 75 – Daara J Family
Immigrant – John McCutcheon
Ave Que Emigra – Gabby Moreno
The Migrant Worker – Jim Croce
Gourma – Etran Fintawa
Take Me to Cleveland – Robert Neustadt
No Geography – The Chemical Brothers
Look in Their Eyes – David Crosby
Why We Build the Wall – Hadestown
La Jaula de Oro – Los Tigres del Norte
Alien – Gil-Scott Heron
Cages – Redbait
Bad Hombres y Mujeres – Antonio Sanchez
La Frontera – Lagartijeando, feat. Minuk
Migration – Jonny Lipford
The Dreamer – Jackson Browne
My Only Home – Unchained XL, feat. Genesis Elijah & Femi Ashiru
A Safe Place to Land – Sara Bareilles, feat. John Legend
Running – Keyon Harrold, Andrea Pizziconi & Jasson Harrold, feat. Running feat. Common & Gregory Porter
Amor Migrante – Elena & Los Fulanos
Go Tell a Bird – Maya De Vitry
Beyond the Border – Bhi Bhiman
Godspeed – Radney Foster
Where We Are – Diana Jones
Migra – Santana
Immigrant Eyes – Willie Nelson
The Immigrants – Gabby Moreno & Van Dyke Parks
Deportees – Sweet Honey in the Rock
Immigrants (We Get the Job Done) – K’naan, Snow Tha Product, Riz MC & Residente
Refugee King – Liz Vice, feat. Hannah Glover
No Human Is Illegal – The Wakes

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Christmas in the Trenches

As the holy day approaches, a number of people are asking, “What is your favorite Christmas song?” A variation is “What non-religious holiday song that moves your spirit?

Recognizing the amazing amount of wonderful holiday music, whether intentionally religious or intentionally non-religious, that exists, I believe my answer would be the same.

Thanks to the Rev. Essie Koenig-Reinke (my daughter-in-love), pastor of Dickey Memorial Presbyterian Church, here is a brief reflection on the song that is my answer. This was originally written for the church’s Advent devotional.

“They shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks; nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more.” (Micah 4:3b)

“My name is Francis Tolliver, I come from Liverpool.”

So begins ”Christmas in the Trenches” by singer-songwriter John McCutcheon, a song about the 1914 Christmas Truce told through the eyes of Tolliver, a fictional British soldier.

On Christmas Eve in the filth and muck of the trenches along World War I’s Western front, peace broke out.

Most accounts say it began with German soldiers singing Christmas carols. Others joined. And almost in a collective impulse, many German, British, and French soldiers put down their weapons and met in No-Man’s Land.

They sang, shared photos, told stories, and traded gifts from care packages. Some reports speak of makeshift soccer games played on Christmas Day.

Peace did not last as “with sad farewells we each began to settle back to war.”

The war raged until November 1918 and did not end war—wars and conflicts have followed to this day.

Still the Christmas Truce was a wondrous moment. of peace and and promise and possibility, of hope and justice.

Those themes resonate each year at the manger. They echo through Jesus’ life. He invites us to live into them—at Christmas and through the year.

May we so do.

Check out this call for a 2022 Christmas Trues in Ukraine.

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15 December 2022

Walking. Germantown.
Anniversary of Assassination of Sitting Bull.
Sitting Bull’s Medicine Song – Kevin Locke
2 Live & Die on the Plains – Frank Waln
Ghost Dance – Robbie Robertson & The Red Road Ensemble
Sitting Bull’s Memorial Song – Lakota Thunder
For My People – Litefoot
Now That the Buffalo’s Gone – Buffy Sainte-Marie
Assinboine: Warrior Death Song (for Sitting Bull) – Native Americans Songs and Dances of the Sioux, Apache, Kiowa, Hopi, Navajo, Cree, Seminole and Others
The Prayer – SupaMan
Aiionwatha Forgives (World) – Joanne Shenandoah
Life Surrounds Me – R. Carlos Nakai
Wovoka – Redbone
Lakota Forever – Brulé
Ghostdance – Bill Miller

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