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Walk in the Light

Thanks to the Rev. Marci Auld Glass, pastor of Southminster Presbyterian Church in Boise, ID for this sermon about bodies, the 223rd General Assembly (2018) of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), the separation of families on the border, and justice, love, peace, and hope.
“Our faith calls us to care for these children, being housed in cages, as if they were our very own. Because they are. Our faith calls us to also recognize our connection to the people putting children in cages. Because they are our own too.”

Glass Overflowing

A sermon preached at Southminster Presbyterian Church in Boise, Idaho

June 24, 2018

1 John 1

Who, exactly, was Jesus?

Was he a teacher who said some cool stuff, a healer who healed some folk, but was pretty much just like you and me—maybe a wiser version of the best of humanity?

Was he God, himself, come down from the clouds of heaven on a lightning bolt to walk among us, but not really be like us? Did he just appear to be human, a divine hologram, but was actually all divine, angel, glory filled awesomeness?

Was he somehow both? Fully human. Fully God.

There is a struggle in the books of the Bible, contending for the nature of Jesus’ identity. It’s why we claim that the whole of scripture is God’s word to us, because it takes a lot of different voices for us to get a…

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Why I like New York 41: The World Cup?

isMost of my friends know that I am not a football (soccer) fan. It is not a sport I played, in part because of when I grew up, and in part because I am not built for the game. I don’t understand the rules. I watched Bend It Like Beckham multiple times and still don’t understand the offside rule. Perhaps that’s because none of the players dress like posh French mustard.

But today, as I returned home from Queens, I heard that Iceland had played Argentina to a draw. And I know enough to recognize that Argentina is a big name in football. I also know that this is Iceland’s first World Cup and they are a small nation. It seems to me a big deal.

As I walked the 1 Train platform at Penn Station, I saw a father and son wearing Iceland t-shirts. The father had a smile wider than the New York Harbor. As I passed them, I made eye contact with the father and said, “Good game!” His smile increased in size, pride filled his eyes, and he said, “Thank you.”

New York.

See you along the Trail.

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We Meet Again Tour – 9 June 2018, #2

img-7511.jpgThe tour wandered down Broadway, via the Subway, to visit the new H-Mart located at 110th. The store has been there for a while, but this was the first visit. And the first visit to any H-Mart.

Wonderful foods lined the shelves. Some were avoided because of their calorie count. More were not selected because they were unknown. Work is needed in that area.

But there was kimchi! And it was good.


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We Meet Again Tour – 9 June 2018, #1

IMG-7539After the visit to the H-Mart, the tour wandered around Morningside Gardens. Photos of flowers proved the order of the day.

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We Meet Again Tour – 4 June 2018

IMG-7512A meeting with the pastor and a representative of the Mission Outreach Committee of Riverdale Presbyterian Church took the tour to the Greek Express restaurant for great conversation and a good lunch.

An octopus was discovered lurking in the restroom.

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Purple, not flowers, balloon


Clearly this balloon marks something of significance. But what?

9 June 2018
Morningside Gardens
Manhattan, New York

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Purple flowers, 110th & Broadway 2


4 June 2018
Manhattan, New York 

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