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Purple, not flowers, octopus painting

25 November 2021
Seen in the office of the Rev. Nate Taylor
Salisbury Presbyterian Church
Midlothian, Virginia

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We Meet Again Tour – 4 June 2018

IMG-7512A meeting with the pastor and a representative of the Mission Outreach Committee of Riverdale Presbyterian Church took the tour to the Greek Express restaurant for great conversation and a good lunch.

An octopus was discovered lurking in the restroom.

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Purple, not flowers, octopus mural


26 May 2018
11th Street, East Village
Manhattan, New York

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Purple octopuses, not flowers, New York Aquarium

IMG_4321 (800x533)

Spotted these in the gift shop
and had to take their photo.

Perhaps they have a garden.

18 April 2014
New York Aquarium
Brooklyn, New York

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Tricia arrived in New York today for a variety of work-related events. They start tomorrow. This was a day to explore.

While waiting for her, I made my way to the dry cleaner and managed to figure out a way to identify which key opens which lock.

When she arrived, we walked to lunch at Ajanta – good stuff, definitely a place to return.

An effort to visit Riverside Park failed when the entrance that we selected was closed. We did see the Hudson from a distance and New Jersey from an even greater distance.

Our explorations then took us north to visit Fairway Market. Quite an experience – even though they exploit octopi.

While wandering, we connected with a friend of Tricia’s brother. He was doing a music show at the Atria Senior Living Community. We went and checked that out. He took us to dinner at Hampton Chutney – we ate dosa (light crispy, sour-dough crepe made from rice) for the first time. Another keeper.

The evening was gorgeous so we walked up Broadway from 83rd to La Salle.

Oh yeah, I bought a large screen LCD TV in there too.

A good day. With 22,217 steps – even though I did not get to the gym.

See you along the Trail.

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