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Purple octopuses, not flowers, New York Aquarium

IMG_4321 (800x533)

Spotted these in the gift shop
and had to take their photo.

Perhaps they have a garden.

18 April 2014
New York Aquarium
Brooklyn, New York


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All you need

One never knows when a quotation from Lennon and McCartney will come in handy. Opportunities to use them abound. Take today.

I entered the car on the 1 Train at 125th Street and took a seat. It does not happen often, but today was a good day to sit.

At 110th, a woman boarded. I caught her eye and offered her my seat. She politely declined. Then she stepped across the car to talk.

She told me  that she had injured her knee about seven months ago. The doctors wanted to do surgery, but as a nurse, she decided for acupuncture and physical therapy. Her recovery had gone well until a few months before when someone pushed her getting on a train and she jammed her knee against the seat.  Still, she feels she has about 50% function in her knee.

Quickly after telling me that, she began to complain about how pushy and rude subway riders can be in New York. She definitely prefers the riders of the Tube in her home town of London.

Her litany of concerns continued. Many in her family and among her friends and neighbors have criticized her choice of a husband. Clearly this has hurt her.

She said, “What difference does it make who people marry? All that matters if the person is nice to you. All that matters is if you love each other.”

At this point, she stopped and I finally had a chance to say something. I chose to channel John and Paul. An obvious choice, I admit. But that does not make it any less appropriate:

All you need is love

May love find you this day and all days.

See you along the Trail.

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