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19 November 2019

Walking. Morningside Gardens.
Walking with Boxster. Morningside Gardens.
Joe Hill – Joan Baez
The Tramp – John McCutcheon
Where the Fraser River Flows – John McCutcheon
Mr. Block – John McCutcheon
Joe Hill’s Ashes – Mark Levy
Casey Jones – John McCutcheon
It’s a Long Way to the Soup Line – John McCutcheon
Joe Hill’s Last Will – John McCutcheon
What We Want – John McCutcheon
The Preacher and the Slave – John McCutcheon
Overalls & Snuff – John McCutcheon
Paper Heart – Si Kahn
The Wooden Shoe – John McCutcheon
The Rebel Girl – John McCutcheon
We Will Sing One Song – Joe Glazer
Stung Right – John McCutcheon
There Is Power in a Union – John McCutcheon
Joe Hill – Paul Robeson


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We Meet Again Tour – 5 January 2018

Sports appears to be a theme of the early days of the tour. It returned to the Barclays Center for a hockey game. My first NHL game. My first game seeing the Penguins play. DeLaina Gumbs accompanied me. And the Pens won, 4-0. A good night.


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I trimmed

Each sport has its own tradition. Some have many.

In hockey, when teams make the playoffs, the players grow “playoff beards.National Hockey League players stop shaving when their team enters the playoffs and does not shave until the team is eliminated¬†from the playoffs or wins the Stanley Cup.

Reports indicate that the New York Islanders started the tradition in the 1980s. The practice has grown and spread to other hockey leagues and to fans.

I am among them. When the Pittsburgh Penguins make the playoffs, I let my beard grow. I have not shaved for over 25 years. Never one to take things to an extreme, I don’t shave for the playoffs. I simply stop trimming my beard until Pittsburgh loses. That gives me a bit of a head start on some of the players, but as a fan, their guidelines do not fully apply to me.

The Penguins had a great season and entered this year’s chase for Lord Stanley’s Cup as one of the favorites. My beard grew as they progressed. I had hopes of not trimming until the Pens reclaimed the Cup. It did not happen.

Pittsburgh lost tonight. They left the playoffs, swept out by the Boston Bruins.

I trimmed.

photo (25)

photo (20)

See you along the Trail.

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Not the best day

Overate – but did avoid eating foods with large quantities of sugar. There was this doctor who used to say that it is better to eat apples than Oreos.

Did not make it to the gym – still nursing a blister. But it is getting better.

Did walk for 10,102 steps.

One out of three.

The Penguins lost. I suppose I can’t really set a goal for a situation in which I have no control, but it would have been nice for them to win.

Did catch the end of The Outlaw Josey Wales on the tube after the hockey loss.

Tomorrow will be another day.

See you along the Trail.

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Quick post tonight – had planned to go longer – but need to post on the Peacemaking Program blog about folks who are going to the Philippines as election observers. Say a prayer for the people of the Philippines and those who plan to serve as election observers.

A good day

Went to gym for first time in long time. 40 minutes on treadmill. Remembered how to use it.
Ate well
11,359 steps

Pens won.

See you along the Trail.

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That’s right. Two.

Two days of focused walking.
Two days of healthy eating.
Two days of over 10,000 steps (10, 565).

Two days in a row of achieving my goals.

It has been a long time since that happened. And it feels good.

Not so good was the Cavaliers game. Here’s hoping that things change there. And that things change tomorrow for the Pens.

A great show about Harry Pickens and his music on KET took some of the sting away.

Denzel Washington is on in Bone Collector at the moment. However, I am going upstairs and read as a way of resisting eating.

See along the Trail.

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Success – at least for a day

I made it! Or at least I will shortly.

A day of eating well, some focused walking, and 10,045 steps!

Defenses are weakening and I am going to head up to bed and read – that should be better than eating.

And I did it on a day when the Penguins lost! Watching the Kevin Costner Robin Hood on Netflix. It appears to be a director’s cut or an extended version – definitely noticing some differences.

Now if I can start stringing a few days together . . .

See you along the Trail.

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Super Bowl Sunday 2010

The Saints just scored on a pick-six from Manning. It has been difficult to get into a game when the Steelers are not playing. But we had a really good time in New Orleans at Christmas, so I guess they would be my choice to win.

A friend has loaned me a netbook to try. Thinking that I might take it to Chicago, I have been playing with it. However, there is enough going on in the world that I need to be sure to have email access, so I am taking the laptop with the air card.

I also watched the Penguins play today – a Pittsburgh team playing on Super Bowl Sunday seems only fitting. But they lost. They started well, but Washington just outplayed them in the end. Such is life.

I was in New Orleans a couple of years back when the Saints won their first playoff game ever. I spent some time on Bourbon Street in the aftermath. It was great fun. Tonight should be even better!

Dances with Wolves is now on AMC. It is the 25th anniversary. Time has its way.

But time is flying in other ways and 5:00 comes early in the blessed AM. Off to Chicago tomorrow – as implied earlier.

Almost forgot – Bilbo and the dwarves are under siege in the mountain.

See you along the Trail.

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