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Super Bowl Sunday 2010

The Saints just scored on a pick-six from Manning. It has been difficult to get into a game when the Steelers are not playing. But we had a really good time in New Orleans at Christmas, so I guess they would be my choice to win.

A friend has loaned me a netbook to try. Thinking that I might take it to Chicago, I have been playing with it. However, there is enough going on in the world that I need to be sure to have email access, so I am taking the laptop with the air card.

I also watched the Penguins play today – a Pittsburgh team playing on Super Bowl Sunday seems only fitting. But they lost. They started well, but Washington just outplayed them in the end. Such is life.

I was in New Orleans a couple of years back when the Saints won their first playoff game ever. I spent some time on Bourbon Street in the aftermath. It was great fun. Tonight should be even better!

Dances with Wolves is now on AMC. It is the 25th anniversary. Time has its way.

But time is flying in other ways and 5:00 comes early in the blessed AM. Off to Chicago tomorrow – as implied earlier.

Almost forgot – Bilbo and the dwarves are under siege in the mountain.

See you along the Trail.

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January 2010 Summary

Here we go, the first month’s stats:

January 6 (first weigh-in) – 290
February 1 – 275

Total Miles – 51.32
Average Miles – 1.66

Total Steps – 282,822
Average Steps – 9,161

Today (February 1) I got to the gym for 2.36 miles and have a total of 10,588 steps.

There you have it. The baseline.

At the gym, I listened to The Hobbit. Gandalf has taken his leave and Bilbo and the dwarves stand on the edge of Mirkwood.

Watched Public Enemies tonight. Somehow it did not click. Might have been doing too much work.
Now viewing “A Performance of Macbeth.” It has Ian McKellen and Judi Dench as Macbeth and Lady Macbeth. Hard to beat that combination.


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Seven Days in a Row

Nashville, TN

2.01 on the treadmill.

10,188 steps total. That is seven days in a row. The opportunity to do that led me to walk around and reach the goal.

Tomorrow back to Louisville.

Bilbo, Gandalf and the dwarves are being rescued from the wargs and goblins by the eagles.

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The most steps

Nashville, TN


That’s the number of steps today. The most steps on this current adventure. They came from 2.32 miles on the treadmill, a walk around the snowy downtown Nashville streets, several trips from the room to APCE Marketplace, and some walking around the parking garage as the load in began. By that point it had become clear that a new record could be set!

Listening to The Hobbit continues. Bilbo, Gandalf, and the dwarves have made it to Rivendell.

By the way, the step total for January is over 260,000!

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No Dinosaur World

Got up and hit the gym. 2.19 miles on the treadmill while listening to The Hobbit. Three trolls have been turned into stone.

Step count – 10,028.

Drove to Nashville to hang out with Tricia at APCE. Watching Duke with her and a friend. It has been something of a struggle. Duke started well; FSU came back; now Duke is opening a lead again.

Once again on the drive, as on the travel to and from the Big Tent, I missed Dinosaur World which is located outside of Cave City, KY and which features over 150 life-size dinosaurs and a new herd of mammoths in Mammoth Gardens.

Tomorrow – depending on the weather – Stones River National Battlefield.

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Bad dreams

Weighed in this morning – not as part of the Biggest Loser but simply to see what the last week or more had done. Was pleasantly surprised to find a gain of only 2 pounds. Ate too many pistachios and protein bars.

But did get to the gym for 2.08 miles on the treadmill and made 10,906 steps.

The movie today at the cardio-theater was The Incredibles. Not a bad movie, but I misread the sign and had anticipated Casino Royale. So I used my iPod and started listening to The Hobbit. Bilbo has now gone to bed after listening to the dwarves talk about their adventure. Bad dreams plague his sleep.

This evening I watched Shake Hands with the Devil. It is the story of General Romeo Dallaire who commanded the United Nations forces in Rwanda at the time of the genocide. The forces were badly understaffed and inadequately supplied. They also had a mandate that did not fit the situation.

Dallaire was not perfect as a commander. But he did more than virtually anyone else. In a situation where the entire world failed the people of Rwanda – ignored the people of Rwanda – turned away from the people of Rwanda – Dallaire tried. He saved thousands, yet remains forever haunted by the hundreds of thousands he could not save. His command failed. But it was set up for failure. Dallaire continues to wrestle with guilt over the nightmare – guilt that nearly consumed him – guilt that is not shared by those who bear far more responsibility, those who created the conditions for the failure, who carried out the killings, who stood by, who looked away – by the genocidaires, Belgium, the Catholic Church, the UN, the United States, France.

Ten years after the genocide, the attitude of the Rwandans is summed up in these words: “We’ve come to expect nothing from the world and the world never disappoints us in that way.”

Will the world do better in Haiti? I pray so.

I also watched Richard III with Laurence Olivier. He too was plagued by bad dreams.

Tomorrow (or today since it is well after midnight) I drive to Nashville.

May you sleep well. May I sleep well.

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