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Morning, Menaul Avenue NE

As the sun climbs
the eastern side of the Sandias
illuminating the morning stillness,
cameras in hand,
they descend steel rungs
into a concrete arroyo
to photograph,
to document
shopping carts
pushed into,
washed into,
the arroyo bottom
left upturned, abandoned;
birds stop upon a telephone wire
to watch
and wander
and ponder dreams.

22 August 2010
Albuquerque, NM


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Into the crack
between pavement slabs
tender, tenacious, green tendrils
patiently, persistently push
emerging to burst
into glorious purple and gold.

22 August 2010
Albuquerque, NM

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The Shire is empty

Tricia and Eric headed for home today. It’s just me and assorted insects here at the Shire.

I had the great honor and wonderful joy of baptizing Ethan Alejandro Chan Craft, son of my friends Amanda Craft and Omar Chan. It was truly a blessing. He cried pretty much constantly – he’s 13 months. Of course, he was exhausted – he fell asleep very quickly when Amanda took him and walked with him. He had also bitten his lip when I first met him. He was standing by a church pew with his dad and I went to talk to them. He fell down and the rest is history.

Painting continued at the Shire upon my return. The kitchen is painted. It remains to be put back together but that will be tomorrow night’s task.

I ate out for breakfast (with Tricia and Eric – Panera’s – they put the calorie count on the wall – very helpful) and for lunch (Moe’s – they put the calorie count online and actually allow you to figure out the calories as you make your meal your way – helpful but one needs to know it in advance) as the kitchen is pretty disrupted.

Even with the eating out, my eating came in at the goal. I went to the gym and did 40 minutes on the treadmill. 10, 477 steps.

Movies – Three Kings and Tombstone. Neither are classics. Each has issues. But they are entertaining.

A good day.

See you along the trail.

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The Shire is abuzz

Tricia arrived at the Shire this evening. She had been unbinding the church. She came through Louisville to pick up Eric and take him back to Bowling Green. It is nice to have a fuller than normal Shire. But they leave in the morning. But Jessica and Ricky arrive on Tuesday.

The goals were met. Step count totaled 10,323; 35 minutes on the treadmill at the gym; and eating well.

Painting moved into the kitchen, thus making cooking a bit of a challenge. So eating took place in restaurants (except for an evening protein bar). That was accomplished within the goals. It is very helpful to have menus with nutritional information posted online.

Very helpful to have Eric as a co-painter.

Watched the Steelers play their first preseason game online. No movie today.

See you along the Trail.


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Shire renovations continue

With Eric’s help work began on the kitchen. We painted the stain on the ceiling. We also prepped the walls and painted the walls under the cabinet. Moving the refrigerator led to the discovery of some pretty disgusting dirt. But that is no longer there. Tomorrow we will try to finish.

The three goals were achieved with 30 minutes at the gym (got there a bit late) and 10 minutes walking outside. Steps totaled 10,259.

Star Trek was the movie after the painting. Good stuff.

See you along the Trail.

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Ten days

I made it today. I was working at the Shire (a new dishwasher is installed – not by me, but it is in) and that made walking hard. But with a little effort, and finishing after midnight, I made it to 10,025 steps. The gym and eating well were easier. That’s 10 days. Pretty cool. I am starting to keep stats now.

Eric, Sparky, and I went to see Inception. A very interesting movie – great special effects and acting. Sparky said it would be a good movie to see again. I agree. It will take some mulling. I had not expected to see Michael Caine in it, but given the number of times he has worked with Christian Nolan, it maybe should not have come as a surprise.

See you along the Trail.

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The rum is all gone

Well at least in the movie. There is some at the Shire.

I made it again today – 3 for 3: eating well, 40 minutes at gym, 11640 steps.

A doctor’s visit went better than I had hoped. But there is a great deal of work to do.

The movie of the evening is Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. Always a fun ride. It’s my favorite of the series. Johnny Depp is quite good – something of an understatement.

The second room in the Shire is now completed. Eric has been helping with cleaning and getting the next room – probably the kitchen or dining room or both some how.

A new dishwasher is to be installed tomorrow. It has been a while.

See you along the trail.

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Two day report

Monday 9 August
I made all three goals – eating well, getting 30 minutes or more of focused exercise, and walking 10,445 steps.

Eric got back from Ghost Ranch. It’s always nice to have someone in the Shire.

I painted the woodwork in the second guest bedroom.

Tuesday 10 August
Plumber (who was supposed to come yesterday) came today. Did his plumbing, but also talked religion. Asked if I belonged to a whole gospel church. Not quite sure what that means. I thought of several smart responses – “No, we cut out the middle 5 chapters of each of the synoptics; and only use the first and last chapter of John.” I refrained and came up with something vague.

All three goals achieved (although I would really like to eat a six-pack of Snickers bars). But did eat well – not as well as some days – but still within the limits; walked for 35 minutes on the treadmill; and did 11,879 steps. Eric went to the gym with me.

We started putting the second guest bedroom back together. That should be finished tomorrow. It will be nice to have only one bed in my room again.

Watched “Lonely Are the Brave” – an old one with Kirk Douglas. Pretty interesting – dealt with loyalty and being out of time and place in a changing world. Walter Matthau and Carol O’Connor were in it as well. Dalton Trumbo did the screenplay. Need to learn more about him.

See you along the trail.

P.S. I stole Eric’s picture from his Facebook page.

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Two for three

Again, the day got away yesterday and I did not get (or make) time to post. I only met two goals yesterday – overeating in the evening – but at least it was on low-carb items. I did get to the gym and I made 10,437 steps.

The day saw the second coat of paint applied to guest room 2. The remaining task is to paint the woodwork and then start putting the room back together.

Today will be something of a challenge as I am working at the Shire. That could make it difficult to walk 10,000 steps. I will have to figure something out.

Eric arrives this evening. I will have to put him to work.

Broken Trail was the film of the evening – Robert Duvall good as always. Throughout the story, his character shows great courage in responding to physical threats and violence — but fear and avoidance guide his emotional relationships with women. At the end there is a powerful scene where, in his old age, he receives a letter from a woman with whom he could have pursued love but he chose not to do so. His face reveals his wondering – his yearning – his conflict – as he ponders what might have been.

Kind of adds new meaning to my closing.

See you along the trail.

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Making the fifth

I hit the wall last night around 9:00. All the Shire renovations, Shire Celtic Festival celebrations, and busyness of the day catching up to me.

I spent the day:

  • putting the first coat of paint on the second room
  • shopping – I purchased a toilet for the downstairs bath, hopefully it will be installed tomorrow, and I made a Costco run
  • listening to Irish music (“James Connolly” by Black47 playing right now)

This was also the 5th day for meeting all three goals – eating well, 30 minutes of exercise and 10,862 steps.

The weather remains nice – it is hot, in the low 90s, but the humidity has broken – so I walked to the gym.

Having gone to bed early, I am up far earlier than usual. I will do some work and then back to painting.

See you along the Trail.

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