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Gym, 7 April 2018

IMG-7193In support of friends in Lincoln, Nebraska who were participating in the Autism 5K today, I did 5K on the treadmill. It’s the first time I have done 5K since I have been back in New York. 

You Know I Love You – B.B. King
It Don’t Mean a Thing – Eva Cassidy
Man Made Lake – Calexico
Song for Ireland – Mary Black
Rain Us Love – Native Root
Upon These Stones – Les Miserables
Nadine – Chuck Berry
Photograph – Ringo Starr
The Prayer – Celtic Woman
Sebastian – Ruben Blades
Sentimental Johnny – Flogging Molly
Crazy Dream – Los Lonely Boys
So Much – Macy Gray
Old Devil Time – Pat Humprhies
Monsieur Bibendum – Tryo
Peter – David LaMotte



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The Until We Meet Again Tour – 7 September 2016, part 1

The Gym at the Shire has been a recurring venue during the Until We Meet Again Tour. I have been one of the house bands. Nicole Kung, of NK Body Philosophy, was a featured artist during these gigs. Desi Aldarando, Grace Ji-Sun Kim, and Elisabeth Lee made guest appearances.

The final show at this favored venue took place this morning. And after the show, the entry fob was turned in. Self care will continue in other locations, but not at the Gym at the Shire, until we meet again.


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The Until We Meet Again Tour – an observation

High temperature and high humidity have impacted the Until We Meet Again Tour. They have combined to keep me indoors more than planned. I have made it to the gym a bit more often although even there the air conditioning struggles to keep things cool.

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Purple not flowers – exercise gear

IMG_1706 (1)I had fallen away from my exercise routine. After a stretch where I worked out daily, I probably logged five workouts in the last month. I put out an alert to my friends and support network. They responded. Some offered encouragement. Some shared expressions of concern. Some even used the “l” word. And some figuratively kicked my butt.

Joann Haejong Lee essentially said, “Get thee to the gymery and attend the Prince’s songs as thou moveth.”

Maybe her message was a tad more direct and a lot less faux Shakespeare. But I got her point.

And to the gym I went. And with a Prince playlist there seemed only one shirt and bandanna choice.

See you along the Trail (and hopefully in the gym).


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Adventures with the bandanna – Morningside Gardens gym

The bandanna visited the Morningside Garden gym for the first of what will be many times.


18 May 2015

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Thanks to my village!

A good friend gave me this plaque on Friday: IMG_3419

It speaks profoundly to my experience. We do not travel the Trail alone. We do so accompanied by family and friends who care for us, sometimes in ways we fail to realize. We do so surrounded by neighbors and people we do not know whose lives touch ours in surprising, amazing ways. And we do so supported by sisters and brothers we will never meet, sisters and brothers who work hard, and whose labor is sometimes exploited, to allow us to enjoy the lives we have. There is much to ponder.

For tonight, I use this plaque as an opportunity to thank those who support my self-care effort. Tricia, Sean, and Eric have been great! Certain friends are key to my effort. Many are always there. A number have become part of my community of accountability, receiving self-serving emails with gentle grace. Their support comes in many forms: reading what I write, responding, sending an unexpected text, providing a plaque and vitamins, answering questions, asking on Facebook, “Have you been to the gym?”, and more.

A wider community also takes care of me. People who like or comment on Facebook posts. People who take the moment to say encouraging words. People like Greg, who literally gushed about my progress before and after the service when I preached at the Church of the Covenant.

It takes a village to lose a boatload of weight and take care of oneself. At least it does for me. To each of you – to all of you – in  my village, my thanks. I hope I care for you as well as you care for me.

See you along the Trail.


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Stay healthy

To everything there is a season.

I have entered a season where my heart hangs heavy and my soul aches for friends who face serious health issues.

In an exchange with one friend, I received the advice, or the challenge, “You better stay healthy.”

I appreciate the sentiment but the reality, as my friend knows, is that I need to get healthy.

For almost two days now, I have tried. I ate well yesterday. I walked on the treadmill last night. I installed a number of health apps to measure food intake, exercise, weight, and other bodily functions, I ate well today.

As I type, I recognize the privileges that I carry: access to good food, access to a gym, access to a smart phone and a computer, financial resources to pay for them, freedom to make use of them, safety to practice them, time to devote to them, and more.

Humbled at having so much, I renew my commitment and head to the gym for a second night.

See you along the Trail.

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Treadmill’s eyes

have I been, for longer
than I will acknowledge publicly;
but tonight, for at least this night,
the season of neglect,
the days of abandonment ended, and I

The gym
asked no questions,
expressed no words of reproach; simply
welcomed me with open arms
as though no time had passed:
grace abounded, unconditional love

And yet,
at times, not always, but at times
it seemed that I could see,
the eyes of the third treadmill on the right
fighting back tears
that stirred from depths of

25 October 2011
Shire on the Hudson
with thanks to Laura VanDale

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To get started again?

On the right hand side of my Facebook page, there now appear links to previous posts. I had not noticed them before – or if I did, I ignored them.

Today I noticed one about going to the gym – and for some reason, I followed.

One year ago today, I marked 11 consecutive days of going to the gym. I don’t know when that streak ended – how many more days, if any followed.

Part of me, the avoidance part, wants to wonder – are the links always exactly a year old. Another part wonders reading this post be a challenge to get started again.

See you along the Trail.

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Two day report

Monday 9 August
I made all three goals – eating well, getting 30 minutes or more of focused exercise, and walking 10,445 steps.

Eric got back from Ghost Ranch. It’s always nice to have someone in the Shire.

I painted the woodwork in the second guest bedroom.

Tuesday 10 August
Plumber (who was supposed to come yesterday) came today. Did his plumbing, but also talked religion. Asked if I belonged to a whole gospel church. Not quite sure what that means. I thought of several smart responses – “No, we cut out the middle 5 chapters of each of the synoptics; and only use the first and last chapter of John.” I refrained and came up with something vague.

All three goals achieved (although I would really like to eat a six-pack of Snickers bars). But did eat well – not as well as some days – but still within the limits; walked for 35 minutes on the treadmill; and did 11,879 steps. Eric went to the gym with me.

We started putting the second guest bedroom back together. That should be finished tomorrow. It will be nice to have only one bed in my room again.

Watched “Lonely Are the Brave” – an old one with Kirk Douglas. Pretty interesting – dealt with loyalty and being out of time and place in a changing world. Walter Matthau and Carol O’Connor were in it as well. Dalton Trumbo did the screenplay. Need to learn more about him.

See you along the trail.

P.S. I stole Eric’s picture from his Facebook page.

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