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Sparkling Eyes

I had three dogs in my life during the past couple of years. Until today.

I love dogs. Tippy. Ember. Barnabas. Charley. All have come and gone through the years.

When I moved to New York, I traveled too much to have a dog of my own. Through the years, I have become attached to the dogs of others.

Three dogs.

Henrik belongs to my son Sean and lives in Chelsea. I see him now and then. I get to walk him. I stayed with him one long weekend when Sean was in London.

Bentley lives in Maryland with my son Eric and daughter-in-law Essie. I don’t see him as often as I would like. The last time was last fall.

Boxster. A pug, Boxster belonged to my friends Nicole and Desi. He lived in the same apartment complex as I do.Of the three dogs, I met Boxster first. Nicole is a massage therapist, trainer, and nutritionist. I went to her apartment for my first massage. Boxster greeted me as I came in. I got on the table, put my face in the face cradle. I heard something moving on the floor. When I opened my eyes, there stood Boxster, his sparkling eyes looking up at mine.

Nicole freaked, just a little bit. She apologized and told Boxster to leave. I reached around the face cradle and scratched him under his chin.

We became friends at that moment.

The friendship spanned a number of years. In his younger years, Boxster would recognize the sound of the elevator and be standing at the door when I knocked, eyes sparkling.

As he aged, Boxster celebrated his 16th birthday this year, he did not get around as nimbly. But whenever I came by, he would get up to see me, his eyes sparkled, and he would have me have me pet and scratch him. Except his butt. I have standards.

When I ran my first 5K, Sean ran with me and Nicole, Desi, and Boxster, his eyes sparkling, greeted us at the finish line.

He had a wonderful celebration of his 15th birthday. I was delighted to be there with family, neighbors, and friends and Boxster T. Man with sparkling eyes. He patiently allowed himself to be dressed for his birthday just as he had allowed himself to be dressed for Halloweens and the Pride Parade.

Over the last year or so, I became one of Boxster’s substitute walkers. Some days he did better than others. Always, his eyes sparkled.

Today at 1:47 PM, my phone rang. It was Nicole. I assumed she was calling to set up a time to go to the gym in our apartment complex.

When she started to speak, I knew it was not about the gym. Before she could tell me, I knew it was about Boxster.

Boxster had visited the vet. And the vet had said it was time. Nicole and Desi were bringing him back for one last visit at home. They put me on speaker phone and I spoke to Boxster. My voice cracked a couple times as I did.

IMG-2262Then Nicole offered me the most incredible gift. She asked if I would like to meet them in the parking lot as they went back to their apartment. Of course, I said yes.

We talked. We cried. I held Boxster. I scratched him under his chin one last time. At one point we made eye contact and those brown eyes sparkled up at me.

A couple hours later, a couple hours ago, Boxster crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. There Tippy, Ember,  Barnabas, Charley, and all the pets that people loved met Boxster, welcomed him, loved him. And there Boxster waits, with sparkling eyes, for Nicole and Desi.

You are loved, Boxster. You will never be forgotten.


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11 November 2019

Walking. Treadmill.
Walking with Henrik.
Core work and strength work with NK Body Philosophy.
All the Fine Young Men – Eric Bogle
No Man’s Land – Peter, Paul & Mary
Christmas in the Trenches – John McCutcheon
1916 – Motorhead
The Band Played Waltzing Matilda – The Pogues
Harry Patch (In Memory Of) – Radiohead
Paschendale – Iron Maiden
On Battleship Hill – PJ Harvey
Pipes of Peace – Paul McCartney
Soldiers – Julia Turner
Keep the Home Fires Burning – Steven Isserlis & Connie Shih
Some Mother’s Son – The Kinks
Going Home – Randy Newman
One – Metallica
Poppy Day – Siouxsie and the Banshees
Canticle of the Turning – Princeton Seminary Choir


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4 November 2019

Gym at the Shire. Treadmill. Walking. Strength with NK Body Philosophy. Stretching.
The Road Home – Bill  Miller
Differently – Neil Young
I’m on My Way to Freedom Land – Sweet Honey in the Rock
I’ll Remember April – Miles Davis
Moondance – Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Tomorrow Comes a Day Too Soon – Flogging Molly
Cherokee Morning Song – Robbie Robertson & The Red Road Ensemble
The Great Storm Is Over – John McCutcheon
Fire on the Bayou – The Neville Brothers
Na Buachailli A’lainn – Clannad
As I Went out One Morning – Bob Dylan
The Weakness in Me – Joan Armatrading
Dreamscapes: Turquoise World – R. Carlos Nakai
Love You Forever – Zendaya
Hollywood Nights – Bob Seger
Imagine – Avril Lavigne
Visco De Jaca – Martinho Da Vila
Freeman’s Zydeco – BeauSoleil
Skin Deep – Melissa Etheridge
St. Louis Blues – Bessie Smith
Come On – Chuck Berry

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2 November 2019, part 2

Strength work. Blink gym. With NK Body Philosophy.
Stretching. Gym at the Shire.
Spanish Harlem – Aretha Franklin
Wash My Soul in the River’s Flow – Archie Roach
The Trees Are All Gone – Roger McGuinn
I Ain’t Marching Anymore – Phil Ochs
Lutece – Don Pedro Et Ses Dromadaires
Hey Now, Hey Now – Cab Calloway
Aandowin at the Bow/Castle Bar Tramp – New Potatoes
Ego Tripping Out – Marvin Gaye
Honaloochie Boogie – Mott the Hoople
I Am a Many of Constant Sorrow – The Soggy Bottom Boys
The Weakness in Me – Joan Armatrading
Bird – Sera
Redefinition – Magdalen Hsu-Li
Secret Life – The Corrs
Why (Am I Treated So Bad) – James Brown
Hammer and a Nail – Indigo Girls

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7 October 2019

Treadmill. Walking. Slow jogging. Strength work with NK Body Philosophy. Stretching. Gym at the Shire.
No Woman, No Cry – Nenes
Quicksand – Martha Reeves & The Vandellas
Show Some Love – Carlos Jones and the PLUS Band
When the Saints Go Marching In – Louis Armstrong
Golden Boy – Natalie Merchant
I Am a Rock – Simon & Garfunkel
E Ala E – Hawaiian Roots Band
Old French – Various
Real Friends – Camila Cabello
Thoroughly Modern Millie – Carol Channing
Fire in the Hole – Steely Dan
Imagine – Willie Nelson
Babel – Mumford & Sons
Get Me to the Church on Time – Stanley Holloway
Copperline – James Taylor

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26 September 2019

This one is for the young people who challenge us to care for the planet. Special thanks to abby  and to Nicole whose examples and work and action suggestions encourage   me to be more involved.

Slow jog / walk. Morningside Gardens. For the first time in this new effort, more jogging than walking occurred. Hence the switch in order.
Strength work. Stretching. Gym at the Shire.
Opening Song for the Maker – Joy Harjo
There Is a Garden –  Archie Roach
Ring around the Moon – Elephant Revival
Ain’t Gonna Drown – Elle King
Dragonfly – Ziggy Marley
Ideoteque – Radiohead
Agolo – Angelique Kidjo
Hermana Tierra – Laura Pausini
When Elephants Cry – Mayuka Thais
Tangaroa Whatamautai – Maisey Rika
Young People Marching – Raffi
all the good girls go to hell – Billie Eilish
Earth – Lil Dicky
Who’s Gonna Stand Up? – Neil Young
The Seed – Aurora
Globe All Warming – Niyorah
Earth Spirit – R. Carlos Nakai

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23 September 2019

Strength work. Gym at the Shire. With NK Body Philosophy.
Walk / slow jog. Morningside Heights.
Stretching. The Shire.
No Surrender – Bruce Springsteen
The Ghost of Tom Joad – Bruce Springsteen
Blinded by the Light – Bruce Springsteen
Atlantic City – Bruce Springsteen
Further On (Up the Road) – Bruce Springsteen
Land of Hope and Dreams – Bruce Springsteen
The Dalai Lama’s Candle – Eric Bogle
Care for the Land – Eric Bogle
Safe in the Harbour – Eric Bogle
Singing the Spirit Home – Eric Bogle
And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda – Eric Bogle
Now I’m Easy – Eric Bogle
Chilly Winds Don’t Blow – Nina Simone
September Song – Sara Vaughan
Equinox – John Coltrane

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