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La Lucha for DACA before the Hopeless Christianity of Empire

“Every Christian who refuses to stand in solidarity with Jesus incarnated as Jesús the Dreamer, who is trying to emerge from the shadows to which these policies will relegate him, should consider getting saved.” Dr. Miguel de la Torre on DACA and DREAMERs and how people like me need to respond.

Our Lucha

Kids-at-DACA-rallyYou cannot be a person of faith – faith in a Deity, faith in humanity, or faith in oneself – and support in any way the callous act of tearing children and young adults from the only home they have ever known. But hatred and/or fear of brown bodies can turn any beating heart into stone. Repealing DACA follows the long immoral arch of this nation which genocided red bodies, enslaved black bodies, placed yellow bodies in concentration camps, and since the invasion of Florida and Mexico, have been decimating and pauperizing brown bodies. Mass killings, mass theft, and mass incarceration has historically been the norm faced by those falling short of white-constructed superiority because churches, specifically Christian churches have failed to know, much less implement, the teachings of Jesus.

You cannot be a Christian and remain silent as our young disappear. Silence is complicity. White privilege means embracing a…

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Purple flowers, Eric & Essie’s wedding 2


photo by Jocelyn Horne
8 June 2017
Union Presbyterian Theological Seminary
Richmond, Virginia

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Planetary Solidarity is Now Available

Check out this new book by my friend Grace Ji-Sun Kim.

Grace Ji-Sun Kim

I am thrilled that our new co-edited book, Planetary Solidarity: Global Women’s Voices on Christian Doctrine and Climate Justice (Fortress Press) with Dr. Hilda P. Koster is now available.  You can order the book now.

Climate change is one of the most important issues of our time. As people of faith, we all need to work towards climate justice and gender justice.

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Purple not flowers, celebrating a friend

We gathered today at the Presbyterian Center to celebrate and honor a friend. Joe Edmiston works in the payroll office for the Presbyterian Mission Agency. He has been with the church for over 20 years. Everyone knows him, most of us appreciate his wry sense of humor. He regularly did countdowns of the number of days to other significant days: so many days to the next holiday, for example.

Joe recently received a diagnosis of stage IV pancreatic cancer.

In shock and hope, his colleagues and friends put on purple today and gathered in the atrium at the Presbyterian Center to wish him a Happy Birthday. He’s in our hearts and thoughts and prayers.


Collage by Melody Smith


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Purple flowers, Louisville 5


26 June 2017
Louisville, Kentucky

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Purple not flowers, cupcake icing

15 July 2016
Kroger on Goss Avenue
Louisville, Kentucky

No cupcakes were consumed in the creation of this post

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Purple flowers, Old Louisville 25


12 June 2017
Louisville, Kentucky


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