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Advocacy Training Day 2019


The Advocacy Training Weekend, held this year on April 5 through 8 in Washington, DC, consists of three parts. A training day for Presbyterians by the Compassion, Peace, and Justice Ministry Area.  Ecumenical Advocacy Days. And visits to elected representatives to advocate for justice. This year’s advocacy focused on protecting voting rights and working for peace in fragile countries. The weekend is a wonderful time for networking with old colleagues and meeting new friends.

This year had the added treat that my daughter-in-law, Essie Koenig-Reinke, attended.


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27 March 2019

Early. Gym at the Shire. Treadmill. Stretching.
This playlist gives thanks for Sean and extends his birthday celebration.
Third Movement of the Violin Concerto by Aram Khatchaturian, arranged for flute – Sean Koenig
Hello Dolly – Hello Dolly
I’ve Decided to Marry You – A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Marriage
Down on MacConnachy Square – Brigadoon
Seventy-Six Trombones – The Music Man
Yorktown – Hamilton
Wouldn’t It Be Loverly – My Fair Lady
We Dance – Once on This Island
For Good – Wicked
Sunrise, Sunset – Fiddler on the Roof
Raise You Up/Just Be – Kinky Boots
Eye of the Tiger – Survive

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Spicy cauliflower & Dijon salmon


I’m trying to do better at self-care. This means a deep reduction in the Seamless orders and some cooking on my own. It’s not my best thing, but I am getting there.

Traveling with Tricia for our 40th anniversary reminded me of how much I like cauliflower. I have always liked salmon. Now I am trying to figure out how to cook both of them.

This was my meal on March 23.

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After – Albuquerque 1996

1294519_10151934672121063_245716286_oAfter the prayers had been said
and the motions had been made;

after the rulings had been dispensed
and the speeches had been delivered;

after the instructions had been given
and the buttons had been pushed;

after the votes had been tallied
and the results announced;

after the passion
and the decent order;

after . . .
. . . the assembly sat in quiet contemplation,
pondering who had won
and who had lost,
considering what was gained
and what the cost.

My heart sundered the silence,
breaking, softly breaking,
for those, who by official action,
had been denied their full humanity,
and, whose gifts, but that same official action,
had been rejected.

A tear slid down my check,
coming to rest in tangled whiskers.
A single tear
shed for those beloved of God
who the vote would exclude
and for those
who out of fear
or prejudice
or lack of love
or for whatever reason
sought to shut doors –
and build walls –
and keep out –
and settle once and for all;
and in so doing
lost an opportunity
to join in
God’s amazing,

This was written after the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)’s 208th General Assembly (1996). That assembly met in Albuquerque, New Mexico and took action to recommend a change the church’s constitution that would ban LGBTQ individuals from serving in ordained offices. I attended that assembly as an observer. As the United Methodist Church meets to wrestle with similar questions, I remembered this piece and choose to share it. 

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For family

Mark Happy

At the request of a family member,
I added a happy photo.
I think the shirt will be appreciated too.


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In a basket

Mark in a basket

I’m guessing this was in Fredonia, PA.
Clearly I was young.
Not sure on the date.

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Singing (?) in the Rain

Mark in the rain

I must have been three and living on Neville Island.
Never did like an umbrella.

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