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Workout 17 March 2018

IMG-7036Gym at the Shire. Treadmill. Arm work. Core work. Stretching.

How Can I Keep from Singing – Celtic Woman
Coming Home – Eileen Ivers
Long Journey Home – Elvis Costello with Anuna
Song for Ireland – Mary Black
Thousands Are Sailing – The Pogues
Weep Not for the Memories – Seamus Egan
On Raglan Road – Sinead O’Connor
The People Have Spoken – Tommy Sands
Peace Has Broken Out – Eric Bogle
Daughters & Sons – The Sands Family
Against the Wind – Maire Brennan
Peace on Earth – U2
Give Me Your Hand – The Wolfe Tones
Erin Go Bragh – The Wakes
San Patricio Brigade – Black 47
Soldier’s Song – The Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem
My Heart’s Tonight in Ireland – Andy Irvine


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Workout 16 March 2018

IMG-7027After a week away and a few days off due to laziness, I returned to the gym today.

I spent thirty minutes on the treadmill and did some core work.

Then I did an arms and legs workout with NK Body Philosophy. At some point during the evening ahead, I will stretch to March Madness.

Hopefully this marks the beginning of a routine.

Now if I could just do something to restrain my eating …

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Workout 23 February 2018

IMG-6943Gym at the Shire. Treadmill. Core work.
Themes from Harvest Home – James Galway
St. Louis Blues – Bessie Smith
Hoochie Coochie Man – Eric Clapton
Laganside – Smailovic & Sands
Stand by Me – John Lennon
Prince of Darkness – Indigo Girls
I Found a Love – Wilson Pickett
All That Heaven Will Allow – Bruce Springsteen
Buck – Nina Simone
Country Road – James Taylor
Joy (Pt. 1) – Isaac Hayes
Raglan Road – The Chieftains and Roger Daltry
When We Collide – k.d. lang
Ice Cream – Coalishun
Jet Lag Chase – Debi Graham

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Workout 22 February 2018

Gym at the Shire. Treadmill. Strength work.
Songbird – Eva Cassidy
F Troop – Archie Roach
All I Left Behind – Linda Ronstadt & Emmylou Harris
Cat’s in the Cradle – Harry Chapin
Barn Dance – Jack Gladstone
It’s My Way – Buffy Sainte-Marie
Trick Bag – Earl King
Hope You’re Feeling Better – Santana
Change It – Stevie Ray Vaughan
Subcity – Tracy Chapman
Sock in It – Fairport Convention
Cry for Me Baby – Elmore James
Dark Streets of London  – The Pogues
Step by Step – John McCutcheon
Say It – Jennifer Hudson


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Workouts 21 February 2018

Workout 1.
IMG_6941Gym at the Shire. Treadmill. Core work.
Darlin’ Cora – Harry Belafonte
Hearts Are Still Awake – Blues Traveler
On the Day – Jackson Browne
Will It Go Round in Circles – Billy Preston
Pilate’s Dream – Barry Dennan
Invisible Touch – Genesis
We No Dey Run – Kotoja
Thady Casey’s Fancy – Cherish the Ladies
Ipiluni – Mary Youngblood
Fortune Teller – Aurora Celtic
Young Man’s Dream – Tommy Sands
Dikra – Raina Rai
Do I Move You – Nina Simone
Sunrise, Sunset – Zero Mostel, Maria Karnilova, Bert Convy, Julia Migenes, Milton Greene
King Kunta – Kendrick Lamar
Tomorrow Is a Long Time – Zee Avi
Gravel Walk – The Boys of County Bucks

Workout 2.
Gym at the Shire. Strength Work.
NK Body Philosophy

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Two treadmill observations

I am six days into my most recent effort at self-care. You can check out reports if you are interested. They are posted there if you are not interested as well.

One dimension of this effort comes from my doctor. She challenged me, or encouraged me, to increase the intensity of my work on the treadmill. Specifically she told me to increase my speed. With some trepidation, I gave it a try when I started this effort. It has worked well thus far.

Two observations from tonight’s 30 minutes:

It interests me how the time appears to pass more quickly when I am walking at a faster speed. It is a matter of perception, I know. But perceptions matter.

While walking tonight, the song “Welcome Home” by Eric Bogle came on my iPod. The song tells the story of an Australian woman whose husband has returned from Vietnam and her struggle to welcome home this beloved stranger. The song contains this lyric: Where hate is muddy quicksand, love is tempered steel. The line touches me deeply each time I hear it, resonating with personal experience, and leaving me with the wish to somehow, some day write something so powerful.

See you along the trail.


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Stay healthy

To everything there is a season.

I have entered a season where my heart hangs heavy and my soul aches for friends who face serious health issues.

In an exchange with one friend, I received the advice, or the challenge, “You better stay healthy.”

I appreciate the sentiment but the reality, as my friend knows, is that I need to get healthy.

For almost two days now, I have tried. I ate well yesterday. I walked on the treadmill last night. I installed a number of health apps to measure food intake, exercise, weight, and other bodily functions, I ate well today.

As I type, I recognize the privileges that I carry: access to good food, access to a gym, access to a smart phone and a computer, financial resources to pay for them, freedom to make use of them, safety to practice them, time to devote to them, and more.

Humbled at having so much, I renew my commitment and head to the gym for a second night.

See you along the Trail.

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