22 March 2023

Treadmill. Gym at the Apartment.
Stretching. Arms with hand weights. Small core work. Aglarond.
Crowded Table – The Highwomen
Mississippi Goddam – Nina Simone
Jerome – Lizzo
The Ocean – Tegan & Sara
The Lower Road – Joan Baez
Mean Old Bedbug Blues – Bessie Smith
Trouble – Indigo Girls
The Last Day of Our Acquaintance – Sinead O’Connor
Kaibiganm- Lea Salonga
Trail of Life – Sharon Burch
We Shall Remain – Kalolin Johnson
Across the Border – Linda Ronstadt and Emmy Lou Harris
Break Your Heart – Natalie Merchant
Love’s a Hard Game to Play – Stevie Nicks

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Filed under Exercise, Louisville, Music, playlist

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