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Purple, not flowers, restaurant

Purple Parrot
Rehoboth Beach, DE
20 August 2020

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Fat Tuesday evening at the Shire

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February 25, 2020 · 8:25 pm

Purple not flowers, drink

20 February 2020
photo by Don Jang

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Bottom … up

Bottom hit,
breathe deeply,
crawl up.

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Each time

Each time we say farewell
may be the last time.
Until it is, and when it is,
this I know:
I love you;
I will remember you;
I am grateful
for all that has been,
all that is,
and all that may yet be. 

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Thanksgiving 2019

Thanksgiving 2019 was spent at the Shire in New York. Sean and Henrik came and visited. Cooking went well with the exception of dropping a bowl of oysters on the floor. They would have been a new recipe. Ah well. Some other time.

The bison steak was the star of the plate.

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Changes August 2019

August has been a breakthrough month in terms of self-care. Eating and exercising have gone really well, particularly since August 10. A corner may have been turned.

I spent the time from August 9 through August 28 providing support to my wife as she recovered (really well!) from hip surgery in Louisville, KY. I ate well and worked out there. The workouts were guided by my friend and trainer Nicole Kung of NK Body Philosophy.

Today was the first day I had a training session with Nicole. I asked her to take a photo to use as a starting point as I live into this new way of living. She said, I think I have one from before. She took today’s photo and provided a comparison with a photo from February. There’s a long way to go, but it’s a good beginning.


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13 August 2019

Pharmacy at Kroger. Hungry. Tired. Frustrated waiting for pharmacists to wrestle with insurance (for the record, the pharmacists were wonderful)! No junk food!!

Progress comes through what we do.

Progress comes through what we do not do.

11,297 steps. Most of them in Baptist East Hospital in Louisville related to bringing Tricia home after hip replacement surgery.

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Changes – 12 steps

They say one should only make one or two changes at a time. In a deja vu moment, many changes are needed. Many of these ideas have been tried in the past. All those failures can be viewed as practice, right?

New and reinforced habits:

  1. Cardio 30 minutes a day
  2. 10,000 steps per day
  3. Stretch every day
  4. Strength exercise two to four times a week
  5. Take walking breaks during the day; maybe even leave the Shire – go to the gym or outside (per NP Dina Shah)
  6. Drink 10 glasses of water
  7. Eliminate diet soda (a “chemical-filled diuretic” per NP Dina Shah)
  8. Establish the Shire as a junk-food free zone
  9. No more Seamless (or limit it and change the type of food ordered)
  10. Healthy snacks
  11. Eat more vegetables
  12. Do meal planning (last because it may well be the most difficult)

That’s a start. More will probably follow.

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Spicy cauliflower & Dijon salmon


I’m trying to do better at self-care. This means a deep reduction in the Seamless orders and some cooking on my own. It’s not my best thing, but I am getting there.

Traveling with Tricia for our 40th anniversary reminded me of how much I like cauliflower. I have always liked salmon. Now I am trying to figure out how to cook both of them.

This was my meal on March 23.

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