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Purple not flowers, FPC Whitestone


22 July 2018
First Presbyterian Church of Whitestone
Whitestone, New York 

Today was my birthday. The folks at church celebrated.
They seemed to know I like purple.
Photo by Lisa Sisenwein


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We Meet Again Tour – 9 June 2018, #2

img-7511.jpgThe tour wandered down Broadway, via the Subway, to visit the new H-Mart located at 110th. The store has been there for a while, but this was the first visit. And the first visit to any H-Mart.

Wonderful foods lined the shelves. Some were avoided because of their calorie count. More were not selected because they were unknown. Work is needed in that area.

But there was kimchi! And it was good.


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We Meet Again Tour – 4 June 2018

IMG-7512A meeting with the pastor and a representative of the Mission Outreach Committee of Riverdale Presbyterian Church took the tour to the Greek Express restaurant for great conversation and a good lunch.

An octopus was discovered lurking in the restroom.

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Purple, not flowers, pistachio cans


16 October 2017
New York, New York
Ordered to support the daughter of a friend;
awesome that they came in purple.

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Cooking #1

Kitchens challenge me. Making toast can be a problem. Hint: make sure the toaster is plugged in.

But I am trying. Tonight’s effort – cheesy jalapeño chicken.


Not bad. It’s a start.

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Back for a weekend tour 5

IMG_4868After church on April 2, some friends and I went to Chinatown for lunch and dessert and most importantly for conversation!

Peng had to leave early to visit a member of the church in the hospital. And we forgot to take a photo before Jim and Holly left. But we did get one with Jamie, Don, and me.

See you along the Trail.

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Purple flowers, chez Noushin 2


After preaching at the First Presbyterian Church of Rumson, New Jersey, Noushin Framke hosted a wonderful lunch that included purple flowers. To view. Not to eat.

12 February 2017

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