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AdventWord 2022 – December 1 #make

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A lot of my “making” lately has revolved around food. I cook more than I ever imagined I would. The colors and textures of this breakfast are intriguing.

Writing of prayers is a form of making, I suppose. As is writing at work.

God makes all things. And God makes all things new. And when we make, we live into being created in the image of God.

Photo: 12 December 2019; New York, New York


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Purple, not flowers, butterfly mural

Louisville, Kentucky
10 July 2021

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Look what I made

This is a post I never anticipated making. But I got adventurous today and made Keto bagels. They turned out well.

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Purple, not flowers, Peeps

20 February 2021
Goss Avenue Kroger
Louisville, Kentucky
not even purple entices me to eat Peeps

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Purple, not flowers, restaurant

Purple Parrot
Rehoboth Beach, DE
20 August 2020

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Fat Tuesday evening at the Shire

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February 25, 2020 · 8:25 pm

Purple not flowers, drink

20 February 2020
photo by Don Jang

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Bottom … up

Bottom hit,
breathe deeply,
crawl up.

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Each time

Each time we say farewell
may be the last time.
Until it is, and when it is,
this I know:
I love you;
I will remember you;
I am grateful
for all that has been,
all that is,
and all that may yet be. 

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Thanksgiving 2019

Thanksgiving 2019 was spent at the Shire in New York. Sean and Henrik came and visited. Cooking went well with the exception of dropping a bowl of oysters on the floor. They would have been a new recipe. Ah well. Some other time.

The bison steak was the star of the plate.

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