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Glover, Steelers, oldies, taxes

As well as not taking care of myself, other things have been going on.

We have had a couple of seminars at the office that went well.

I have gone through a Danny Glover phase of movies: Honeydripper (Glover plays the owner of the Honeydripper Lounge in the 1950s who is struggling to keep his club going)and Gospel Hill (Glover plays the son of a martyred Civil Rights leader who is reborn and brought back to the struggle). Both are fairly interesting flicks – nothing outstanding, but solid.

Saturday saw the Steelers game – a rather amazing comeback in the second half. Several analysts suggest that the Ravens choked. I tend to go with the opinion that the Steelers came alive and took back the game – particularly on defense. They have some young wide receivers who are coming into their own. Should be an interesting match-up with the Jets on Sunday.

Started work on taxes – always a highlight of the year.

See you along the trail.

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Tomorrow is another day

I have been away from blogging.

I have been overeating.

I have not been to the gym.

I have not been taking blood sugar readings.

I have not been walking 10,000 steps day. Actually I have not been keeping track of my steps at all.

There are reasons excuses. My pedometer died and the new one has not arrived. I hurt my toe. The gym was closed.

They are real. But they should have not thrown me for a loop.

Tomorrow is another day. It begins again.

See you along the trail.

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Cool quote

Watching Invictus

“We have to surprise them with compassion, with restraint, and generosity.”

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Pedometer woes

Got involved in a number of projects last night and did not post.

Had a successful visit with folks from the campus ministry at Virginia Tech.

But also had my pedometer die. Since one goal is 10,000 steps a day, that is a problem. The one silver lining is that I have made it to 10,000 steps enough days in a row to have a pretty good sense of what that takes.

I ordered a new pedometer anyhow.

Exercise (treadmill in gym): 5 days in a row
10,000+ steps: 5 days in a row
Eating well: 9 days in a row
Blood sugar readings: 13 normal in a row; 74% normal since the start

Watched a movie based on Susan Cooper’s book The Dark is Rising. An okay movie – well barely. A much better book. Different media as I always say. But compared to other movies – still barely OK.

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Bowl Championship Series Championship Game

Not sure that makes a lot of sense, but it is the way things are done in Division I (or whatever they call it) football these days. It is actually proving to be a very good game. Different than what was expected, it is a defensive struggle.

Ricky’s present finally arrived, a great relief. Especially since it is such a good cause.

Watched a National Geographic special on Lewis and Clark while getting ready for work this morning.

Tomorrow is an early day as a group from Virginia Tech is coming in. After that it is a sprint to the end of the day.

Now have 4 days at the gym, over 10,000 steps, and eating well in a row.

See you along the Trail.

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Random Ws

Worshiped at Church of the Covenant. A small congregation. Good spirit. Reminded me of Shannon City United Methodist Church which in Iowa.

Watched part of Ravens-Chiefs game but really took a nap.

Went to the gym. Walked on the treadmill. Seven days in a row of eating right. Three days in a row – feet are starting to feel better. Blood sugar reading starting to be consistently normal.

Washed clothes. Dried them, too.

Watched Packers-Ravens game on the treadmill.

Watched Bordertown, a rather harrowing look at events in Juarez where women are being killed way too often.

Wondering about rematch between Steelers and Ravens.

See you along the Trail.

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Once again . . .

. . . in the aftermath of the shooting in Arizona . . .

. . . my heart aches; my spirit sags; my mind reels; my gut hurts.

Nothing else seems worth saying tonight. I do not think I am alone.

See you along the Trail.

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