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Purple flowers, Morningside Gardens 18


2 April 2018
Morningside Gardens
Manhattan, New York

Again they endure snow.

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Purple flowers, Morningside Gardens 16


24 March 2018
Morningside Gardens
Manhattan, New York

Regular readers will note that these are the same crocuses photographed 8 days ago. They have endured at least one Nor’easter. They endure. They persist.

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Scouring the Shire

photo (59)09:58:34

15 February 2014

Snow blankets the Shire, powdered sugar on pastry.

The aroma of coffee, strong coffee, fills the air.

A friend comes to visit soon,

no mark on the door needed for me to know.

Time to prepare, to make ready, to clean.

photo (58)Enthusiasm seizes me, energy surges through me,

the scouring begins.

See you along the Trail.

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Facing down Nemo

New York WeatherI sit in warm comfort in Memphis, Tennessee, preparing for speaking gigs over the next two days. But my thoughts turns to New York City and the people of the Northeast.

Snowmageddon, in some form, has struck. Many people are or will be inconvenienced by the storm; some will be threatened: people who have no shelter, people still recovering from Sandy, and people who must, for whatever reason be outside. My heart aches with worry for my sisters and brother.

The invitation to visit Memphis came last fall. I purchased the ticket in December, scheduling the flight for Thursday.

Early last week, I pondered changing the ticket to leave New York today – Friday. The change fee proved more than I was willing to pay.

Only after I had decided not to change my ticket did I start paying attention to the weather. And I realized that I would still be in New York if I had made the change. Airlines had begun cancelling Friday flights by the time I arrived at LaGuardia on Thursday afternoon.

Part of me gives thanks that I made it to Memphis. I am with good people, eating too much good food, and having great opportunities to share about the Presbyterian Ministry at the United Nations.

Part of me wishes I were in New York – as the city and the region deal with Nemo.

All of me wishes for safety for all people who are in the path of the storm.

All of me gives thanks for all people who care for sisters and brothers – going in harm’s way or providing shelter from the storm.

See you along the Trail.

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Shelter in the storm

Time and again, I would return to the Shire to find that the electricity had gone out. The clocks showed me that. Power seemed somewhat fragile.

Yet two years in a row, when snow and ice sent Louisville into a deep freeze, the Shire provided shelter in the storm for me and served as a warm place of refuge for friends stranded in the city, for friends whose homes, as had many in other parts of the city, had lost power.

See you along the Trail.


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S is for Snow

Pedernal has had more snow in its day.

Pedernal has had more snow recently.

Someday I hope to have a camera with me when I see that.

For now, that little strip gives Pedernal a slightly different look.

24 October 2010

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Weather on the trail

all forms of weather
greet us on the trail

21 February 2011
New York City

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A prayer service with the people of Sudan

The clear highlight of the day was the blessing of participating in a prayer service with the people of Sudan. Here is a reflection originally written for Swords into Plowshares, the blog of the Presbyterian Ministry at the United Nations.


The interfaith group who gathered today in the Tillman Chapel at the Church Center for the United Nations to pray with the people of Sudan in anticipation of the referendum on self-determination in Southern Sudan did that.


Times and places when people made hard decisions and peace prevailed were named.


The violence and the pain, the death and the suffering, faced by the Sudanese people through the years, was recalled as was their courage and grace, hope and faith.


Participants held pictures of people from Sudan as reminders of those for whom prayers were said – those with whom prayers were said – for the people of Sudan are and have been and will continue praying in the days through the referendum and its implementation and beyond.


Re-member. Bring the members back together. The members of the human family. In Sudan. Around the world. All the human being tribe.


“You are not forgotten. We remember your names.” The song echoed off the chapel walls and guided the participants from the chapel to the Isaiah Wall in the cold and snow.


Large snow flakes and the swirling wind made it impossible to light the candles the participants carried even though they could not extinguish the candles of hope and love and faith that are lit in human minds and hearts and spirits.


As the service closed, the participants together recited the ancient words of the prophet Isaiah, “they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks; nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more.”

May it be so. For Sudan. For us all.

See you along the Trail

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Sitting and sitting

Yesterday, Monday, February 8, began at 5:00 in the blessed AM. I was headed to Chicago for a meeting with the presbytery’s Peacemaking Committee and to speak at the presbytery meeting scheduled for today (February 9).
Recognizing the wee hour, I had done my packing and organizing in advance. When the alarm went off, I slid out of bed, gathered up the last couple items, smeared some cashew butter on toast and headed out the door to scrape a thin patina of ice from the car.
I made my way to the Louisville airport and boarded the plane. I arrived at Midway about 7:30 AM Chicago time. Jan Dykstra met me and took me to the presbytery office.
The meeting went well – good conversation, sometimes hard conversation, sometimes revealing, healing conversation. Somewhere in there, during the morning, first reports of a winter storm headed Chicago’s way were shared. The reports increased in frequency as the day went on, but we continued to meet. We enjoyed a good lunch ordered for us by staff person Bonnie Gilchrist.
About one o’clock, Bob Reynolds, presbytery executive, stopped by. We exchanged greetings – he and I had first met when he worked for the Synod of Lakes and Prairies and I was in Des Moines Presbytery.
Then he said he had some news that we needed to hear. And he announced that, because of the reported storm, the presbytery meeting for today had been postponed.
My first reaction was to say that someone could take me to the airport after the meeting and I could try to change my flight. The others present encouraged me to try and make the change at that moment. I took a little persuading, but then took their advice.
Of course, saying I would make a change proved far easier than doing so. I had made the reservation through the PC(USA)’s new travel agency, using their Web site. Southwest said that since the reservation had been made that way it could only be changed that way. I was using someone else’s computer so I did not have the URL.
That led me to look at one-way car rentals: about $200 before the taxes, fees, surcharges, etc. that add significant amounts to the cost.
I went to Southwest’s home page again. This time thinking it might be easiest simply to buy another ticket. It was. They had a $38 (before taxes, etc.) ticket which I bought and I got in the A boarding group. It went through St. Louis to get to Louisville, but it was a ticket.
I returned to the peacemakers and finished the meeting. Then two of them took me on a ride – an adventure really – an adventure described in a series of text messages to friends – to Midway airport. They were taking a route that was new to them – but we made it.
As I checked my bag, the counter attendant said, “It is good you changed your flight. We will be closed tomorrow.” Interesting I thought at the time. Not interesting enough for me to check today.
I toddled to my gate. Many flights were delayed – although I did not notice any being cancelled. My flight to St. Louis was posted as being on time.
Time came to board. The plane was there. The early evening sun actually peeked through the clouds. But we were told we could not leave since there were no pilots. We sat and sat. And after a while, one pilot entered the gateway. And after a while another pilot entered. And then we got on and – late, late enough that connections would be tight – the plane took off.
There were only a few passengers. I had a row to myself. We landed in St. Louis. Word came that we could operate cell phones. Mine buzzed to indicate a voicemail. It was Southwest telling me that the flight I was to have been on today had already been cancelled. Whatever came next, I had made the right choice.
Deplaning at about 7:30, we heard the news that the scheduled 7:45 flight to Louisville was delayed until 9:50. The plane was to come from Texas but it had not left.
I had some poor chili and a pretty dry and tasteless “Great American Bagel.” Then I went and sat and sat waiting for the plane.
The next announcement was that the plane would be delayed at least another hour. As we sat and sat, Southwest staff brought out soft drinks and snacks – never a good sign. About the time that I booted up my computer – paying for internet access because something, probably the weather, was messing with the AT&T network that supports my BlackBerry and air card, we were moved to a gate “nearer the security area.” Not sure what that meant, but it was the announcement
Finally, about 9:00 came the word – the plane had left and we should depart around 10:30. It was closer to 10:45 when we boarded.
About this time, I did some quick calculations – converting to Eastern Time, allowing time for Southwest to bring in our luggage and for me to drive to the Shire from the airport – I figured that I would need to sleep in this morning to be functional at all today.
I found a seat – the plane was completely full. And we sat and sat.
After a while, came the announcement that we were missing a flight attendant and could not talk off until she arrived. Then they announced that there were four folks coming in on other flights. We were to be the last Southwest plane out of St. Louis but there were a couple flights arriving at St. Louis.
The attendant got there. Our fellow travellers arrived. The plan taxied to the de-icing station and we sat and sat.
Takeoff ensued. We flew to Louisville – where it was snowing – and one runway was closed (so they told us) and the ground crew was working to clear the other runway. So we sat and sat as the plane circled high above the city.
But sitting and sitting, like all things, good or otherwise, eventually ends. We landed. By the time I made baggage claim, our luggage was there. I found my car – and headed to the Shire, arriving about 2:30 AM. An hour or so later I called it a night.
I woke today around noon and have been working at home ever since (until I did this posting).
No gym or focused exercise yesterday and I overate – but somehow between the sitting, I managed to take 8,093 steps.
There is snow in Louisville today – and it impacted many of my colleagues – but my decision to stay at home had been made well before morning.
See you along the Trail.

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Catch Me if You Can

Mixed results on a snowy Louisville day. I made it to the gym before the snow started. Now, bear in mind that this is Louisville snow so we are talking around 3 inches max but as always even that amount snarls roads.

My plan had been to listen to music again, but I managed to leave my headphones at home. So I headed into the Cardio Theater and caught Catch Me if You Can – 1.82 miles worth (this is about 35-38 minutes of walking at the moment). Amazing how calm and normal Christopher Walken‘s character is in this movie as compared to a number of his other films.

Eating went well. I discovered that the chili and salad combo at a local restaurant fits the calorie guidelines I am using.

However the general walking did not go so well. I only made it to 7,806 steps – my lowest total since I have started this endeavor. Lots of meetings today. Good meetings – but lots of sitting.

Tomorrow – the weigh in.

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