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I wait; I remember

This place,
this place of waiting,
looks familiar.
I have been here before.
I have waited
for storms,
some arrived,
some passed by.

Now I find myself
in this place where
I have been before.
for the predicted storm
the epic storm
the record-setting storm.

News reports raise anxiety
in the city,
in the region,
and in me.

As I read,
as I listen,
I remember
that the place where I wait
is warm and snug,
safe, secure.

I remember
sisters and brothers
who will find themselves outside
in whatever storms may come,
who have
no safe place to wait;
no warm place to hunker;
no secure place to ride out the storm’s fury.

I remember
sisters and brothers
who find themselves outside
in whatever storms may come
because they face a choice
between going to work
and losing a job.

I remember
sisters and brothers
who will find themselves outside
in whatever storms may come
as they seek to protect the people
and make passable the streets
and keep the city moving.

I wait and
I remember.

The Shire, Manhattan, New York
25 January 2015
Winter Storm Juno is predicted for 26-27 January.




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Staten Island BBQ

IMG_2801 (800x533)I planned to spend today visiting Battery Park, then riding the Staten Island Ferry so I could take some photos using the new telescopic lens I have on “extended loan” from one of my sons.

I got up and found myself moving a bit slowly. Going back to sleep certainly seemed an option.

Determined to force my hand, I posted my plans on Facebook. Once public, there would be no going back.

Shortly after I posted, my colleague and friend, the Rev. Melodee Bottari, pastor of Olivet Presbyterian Church invited me to a BBQ at the church.

It sounded good to me. I went and had a great time that included a tour of the church. I saw where the church provides housing for homeless women and the room where volunteers working with Presbyterian Disaster Assistance on recovery from Hurricane Sandy will stay.

The BBQ took place on the church lawn and included an invitation to register for the Vacation Bible School.

Good folks. Good food. Good ministry. A good visit.

See you along the Trail.

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Two other blogs to follow

For those who know – or have heard about (endlessly in some cases) – my son Eric, the Trail has taken him to Austin, Texas where he will serve this year as a Young Adult Volunteer. He blogs at Explorations and Experiences of Eric. His works with Front Steps at the ARCH – a daytime resource center and overnight shelter for people who are homeless. In that role, he will blog at Front Steps at the ARCH. Check him out.

See you along the Trail.

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though juice or soup or exactly what type,
I could not tell,
must have caused the large red stain
on the back of his shirt.
How it got there, I cannot guess.
Nor do I choose to imagined
what might have caused
the crusted stains
that covered
the sweat pants
sagging below his waist,
revealing his buttocks.
I avert my gaze
and plod on.
Slowly as I walk,
he shuffles even more slowly up the ramp toward forty-deuce.
But as I pass him,
it’s like a neon light appears –
words flashing over and over:
some mother’s child
some mother’s child
some mother’s child.
At the station door, I turn,
face him,
Making eye contact for a moment,
he nods.

Observed in Grand Central Station
May 2011
11 May 2011
Swiss International Air Lines 022

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