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We Meet Again Tour – 26 May 2018

IMG-7450Tricia came to town to join the tour over the Memorial Day weekend, arriving on Thursday, May 24. Friday was a work day that did bring a walk in Riverside Park. See the past several posts for photos of purple flowers.

Saturday morning, we volunteered with First Presbyterian Church of Whitestone at The Father’s Heart soup kitchen and food pantry. We met Sean for lunch. And, after a nap, we took the D Train to Yankee Stadium. We met Don Jang and Krystin Granberg for an amazing meal at the Audi Club buffet and great seats. Mike Trout had a five hit game and the Angels won.



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A night at Yankee Stadium

I close my eyes, squeeze them tight,
for a moment the neon assault
that is Yankee Stadium fades away
and I find myself sitting again
in a wooden seat, peanut shells beneath my feet,
within the steel and concrete of Forbes Field
where hands change the numbers on the scoreboard
while Clemente lashes a double into the gap
and the odor of his pipe tobacco
rises from my father’s clothes.

27 May 2018
Manhattan, New York 

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We Meet Again Tour – 24 April 2018

IMG_7265The return tour to New York has continued although posts have not been made. Efforts will be made to address that.

Last night, the tour made its way to Yankees Stadium. The first time I saw the Yankees play was against the Pittsburgh Pirates on 13 October 1960. The Pirates, my Pirates, won. I have remained a Pirates fan every since through triumphs, and a whole bunch of losing and frustration.

But my friend Don had tickets from his work and so, with Don and our friends John and Jim, I went to the game.

The Yankees put on a show of power. CC Sabathia pitched well. And a fun time was had!

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I see him still


He would have been 83 today. But he died, young. Too young.

And in my mind and in my heart I can see him still, the young man, who I saw live,

Asserting his rights in a racist society

Demanding that all people be treated with dignity and justice

Reaching out to people pushed to the margin by oppression and natural disaster

And in my mind and in my heart I see him still, the young man, who I saw live,

Patrolling the field of green with grace and passion

Slicing a line drive into the gap

Chasing flies with reckless abandon

Arms pumping, racing around the bases

And  unleashing laser throws to the infield that froze runners in place or cut them down if they were foolish enough to try to advance

In my mind and in my heart I see him still

And seeing him, the young man, mist forms in my eyes

and my smile broadens

and my spirit soars.

Gracias, Roberto

Feliz cumpleaños.

See you along the Trail.

The photo comes from the Pittsburgh Pirates Facebook page



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Purple, not flowers, tables

Slugger Field in Louisville is an amazing place to watch baseball, one of my favorite stadiums. While watching the Bats win last Sunday, I spotted these picnic tables on the left field promenade.


The Bats won big time.
9 April 2017
Louisville, Kentucky

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Make a difference

Any time you have an opportunity to make a difference in this world and you don’t, then you are wasting your time on Earth.
– Roberto Clemente

Roberto_ClementeToday Roberto Clemente would have turned 82.

Tomorrow the world marks World Humanitarian Day.


Clemente was a great baseball player. He was an even greater humanitarian and human being.

I wear his jersey today as a reminder of his challenge to make a difference.

Feliz cumpleaños, Roberto. Te recuerdo.

See you along the Trail.

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The Until We Meet Again Tour – 15 July 2016

The Until We Meet Again Tour began in the offices of the Presbyterian Ministry at the United Nations with an afternoon of recycling programmatic files. Then I hopped the 7 train and rode one stop to transfer to the D. The ride ended at Coney Island, which as my son Sean points out is not an island.

I walked to MCU Park to join friends from First Chinese Presbyterian Church of New York City for a Brooklyn Cyclones game. The group included Peng Leong, Vicki Louie-Shek, Jimmy Shek, Tony Chan, Will Tsang, Doreen Cheung, Brandon Louie, Jason Chan, Michael Sellers,Suzanne Yong-Sellers, Stephanie Travitsky, and Doug Bolan. Jim and Holly Nedelka from Jan Hus Presbyterian Church were also at the game.

I failed to get any photos of my friends, but several of them did and posted their photos on Facebook. If this works, here’s a gallery from Doreen.

I did get a photo of a couple of Brooklyn Dodgers who could play the game and who helped change our country.


See you along the Trail.

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