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Coffee mug from a friend


Always good to start the day with a cup of coffee.

Even better when the mug is made by a friend and colleague.

Thanks to Paul Huh.

See you along the Trail.


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Scouring the Shire

photo (59)09:58:34

15 February 2014

Snow blankets the Shire, powdered sugar on pastry.

The aroma of coffee, strong coffee, fills the air.

A friend comes to visit soon,

no mark on the door needed for me to know.

Time to prepare, to make ready, to clean.

photo (58)Enthusiasm seizes me, energy surges through me,

the scouring begins.

See you along the Trail.

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12 Corners

I wrote my first Yelp review today. I know I should have written reviews in the past, but they never happened. For some reason, today’s came out.

12 CornersA friend and I planned to meet for coffee. She asked if I minded coming downtown and suggested a couple options.

I chose 12 Corners and am glad I did.

I was a first time customer. My friend has a frequent caffeinater card. It is clear why.

The coffee is great. I need to learn if it is fair trade.

The blackberry bran muffin was amazing.

But what really set 12 Corners apart for me was the service. The friendly staff treated everyone with kindness and went out of their way to create an atmosphere of hospitality and welcome.

A good day. I will be back.

See you along the Trail.

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The quest for coffee

After a bit of a challenge, I made it to Cleveland to celebrate Christmas with family and friends.

Today brought a meeting with my friends, Isaac, John and Frances to talk about the progress of, and the vision for, the Dougbe River Presbyterian School in Liberia. Isaac had the vision and the people of the area, supported by the saints of Noble Road Presbyterian Church and partners in Cleveland and in Liberia, have made it happen.

The school opened at the end of November. Thanks be.

We gathered to talk about what comes next – more students, farming to feed the students, further partnerships, community building, capacity nurturing, more schools in other places. The vision is far reaching. The steps will come one at a time.

We planned to meet over breakfast and coffee. That proved a bit of a challenge. The first two places we visited were closed. Finally, we decided to check out Cafe-Ah-Roma next to Trinity Cathedral.

CoffeeTheir sign extended a warm greeting.

And the coffee and breakfast tasted good!

See you along the Trail.

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People watching

In three-piece suits
and pressed dress whites
and shorts too short to wear
they pass by the Hard Bean Cafe
while Squire Howard
registers participants
for the 2:30 colonial walking tour
and I watch and wonder.

22 September 2012
Annapolis, MD

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Keep calm and carry on

Always on the lookout for interesting coffee mugs, I found this one over Christmas.

The story goes that the British government produced a posted with this message in 1939 – at the beginning of the Second World War. They intended to raise the morale of the British people in the face of war. However, the poster received little distribution at the time. Following its “rediscovery” in 2000, private companies have used it on a variety of products – including coffee mugs.

The message actually works in a number of settings.

See you along the Trail.

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What I am doing in December

Yes. The commercialism of Christmas annoys me. On Tuesday, November 1, while on my way to have lunch with my friends Leo and Theresa Chavez Sauceda in Vallejo, I stopped by a drug store – one of the major chains, I forget which. Transition dominated the shelves that day. Of course by now, the transition is completed.

Halloween items: gone.

Shelves: stocked with Christmas items.

Yes. In many ways it is too early to begin thinking about Christmas. But, when one lives in multiple places, one has to plan time with care to do what one wants.

So my plans for December have begun:

  1. Travel to Cleveland
  2. Buy coffee for Carol at Noble Road Presbyterian Church (probably with Eric)
  3. Coffee (recurring theme) with Francis and Isaac about the Dougbe River Presbyterian School
  4. Go to movies
  5. Watch football
  6. Finalize the “usual events” – Christmas Day at my brother’s home; Trivial Pursuit; Steelers games at the Winking Lizard;

Today, I added another item to the list.

On my way to worship with the saints of the United Presbyterian Church of Ozone Park, I noticed a woman wearing a hat. Her hat reminded me of my hat-wearing friend Merdine T. Morris. And I knew.

December needs to include time to see Merdine T.

See you along the Trail.

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