The quest for coffee

After a bit of a challenge, I made it to Cleveland to celebrate Christmas with family and friends.

Today brought a meeting with my friends, Isaac, John and Frances to talk about the progress of, and the vision for, the Dougbe River Presbyterian School in Liberia. Isaac had the vision and the people of the area, supported by the saints of Noble Road Presbyterian Church and partners in Cleveland and in Liberia, have made it happen.

The school opened at the end of November. Thanks be.

We gathered to talk about what comes next – more students, farming to feed the students, further partnerships, community building, capacity nurturing, more schools in other places. The vision is far reaching. The steps will come one at a time.

We planned to meet over breakfast and coffee. That proved a bit of a challenge. The first two places we visited were closed. Finally, we decided to check out Cafe-Ah-Roma next to Trinity Cathedral.

CoffeeTheir sign extended a warm greeting.

And the coffee and breakfast tasted good!

See you along the Trail.

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