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The Until We Meet Again Tour – 22 August 2016, part 3

The Until We Meet Again Tour on August 21 had brunch with Boxster, Nicole, and Desi. They gave me a Fitbit as a parting gift. Nicole is my trainer and this device measures a whole lot more than steps, which is what my previous device did.


It got some good use yesterday. I promise not to make a habit of posting such photos, but this seemed an pretty good start.




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Self-care week 1

Ate well – seven days
30+ minutes of exercise – seven days
Weekly steps: 87,317
Weight change: 3 pounds lost

It’s a start.

See you along the Trail.

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Second (again) chance

“But what about second chances?”

When her son posed that question, Grace Ji-Sun Kim reflected on the role of second chances in life:

Where would I be without second chances? Where would most of us be without second chances in life? Most of us are only where we are because we got second chances. People who experience serious accidents and survive are given second chances in life. When we think about our faith journey, isn’t that a second chance at life? Isn’t that the essence of God’s grace?

Specifically, Grace pondered the role of second chances in her life, particularly in terms of self-care. Her words resonated with me as I fail to do well at that.

I have tried. Over the years I have tried. I have had moments of success. And more moments of failures. Last fall I actually walked 1,000,000 steps over a three-month period. I ate everything in sight. But I did walk.

I have had momentary gains. False starts. Serious backsliding. I am way past a second chance – and even the fourth chance that Grace mentions.

But today … for some reason, I cannot name or explain … today seems a day to try again. I extend myself grace and start anew.

See you along the Trail. 

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Big NewsOn October 1, I set a goal of walking 10,000 steps each day. After several days, I realized that by increasing the number of steps, it would be possible to walk 1,000,000 total steps between October 1 and today – December 31.

Moments ago, I logged that 1,000,000th step. Goal met. And it feels good.

Now to set some goals for 2013 – goals for healthier living. I have some ideas and my friend Irene has put one out there for me as well. I look forward to what is to come.

See you along the Trail.

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November 2012

Big NewsThe effort at self care continued. November proved – well maybe better, maybe not.  The effort continued to focus on walking and eating. I failed to do much in the way of recording my results on another blog. I have continued to annoy family and friends by posting on Facebook. Here’s a summary for the month and you can where there were successes and where there were challenges and where there was a change. And something strange happened. At least it seems strange to me.

Ate well: 1 day
Overate: 29 days (maybe not overate badly on all of those days – just most of them; certainly all of them involved eating more than would have contributed to losing any weight)

Walked 30 minutes at a time: 29 days (took one day off)
Note: sometimes this involves using the treadmill, other times it involves walking outside.

Walked 11,000 steps: 22 days
Note: this is a new goal that was initiated on November 1. When October ended, I realized that it would be possible to reach 1,000,ooo steps from October 1 to December 31. For some reason, that seems cool. To become a 1,000,000 stepper would take about 11,000 steps. Since November 1, that has been the goal.



Despite all the overeating, despite single-handedly eating enough Ben and Jerry’s ice cream to increase their profit margin significantly, I actually lost 4 pounds in November.

That gives me much to ponder for December and beyond.

See you along the Trail.


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Helping each other persevere

Sometimes others help us meet the challenges our journeys pose.

To reach the top of Diamond Head, one must climb this staircase.

When I visited Eric, during one of the years he attended Hawai’i Pacific, he insisted that he accompany me when I went to visit Diamond Head. At the top, I realized why. Had I gone alone, I would have turned back – on more than one occasion – including the moment I looked up these steps. But with Eric along, and feeling my responsibility for his experience, I persevered.

See you along the Trail.

28 October 2006
Diamond Head State Monument
Honolulu, Hawai’i

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To get started again?

On the right hand side of my Facebook page, there now appear links to previous posts. I had not noticed them before – or if I did, I ignored them.

Today I noticed one about going to the gym – and for some reason, I followed.

One year ago today, I marked 11 consecutive days of going to the gym. I don’t know when that streak ended – how many more days, if any followed.

Part of me, the avoidance part, wants to wonder – are the links always exactly a year old. Another part wonders reading this post be a challenge to get started again.

See you along the Trail.

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