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Why I like New York 32: the wonder of Central Park 2

It started as a walk.

It became a quest.

It ended in success.

I preached this morning at the United Presbyterian Church of Ozone Park. Upon my return to the Shire near the Hudson, I faced a decision about what to do with the afternoon. Several options lay before me: work, a nap, or a walk in Central Park, my second favorite place, after the Shire, in New York.

My original thought was to visit the park, but I felt tired and sluggish so I opted for the nap. Except, I could not fall asleep. I decided to go with Plan A.

IMG_0964 (1024x768)I entered the park at the Frederick Douglass Circle gate and made my way across to Harlem Meer. Then I turned south. I decided I would walk down to see Strawberry Fields before I exited. I watched an inning of softball and then an inning of baseball. The more I walked, the better I felt.

After about two hours, I looked at my pedometer and noticed that I had topped 16,000 steps for the day. I started at about 6,000 when I arrived at the park. I pondered for a few moments and realized that I could well top 20,000 steps for the day.

And the walk morphed into a quest.

And shortly after I left Central Park, the pedometer topped 20,000. It stands at 21,412; I may take a few more steps before the night ends. Success.

See you along the Trail.

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November 2012

Big NewsThe effort at self care continued. November proved – well maybe better, maybe not.  The effort continued to focus on walking and eating. I failed to do much in the way of recording my results on another blog. I have continued to annoy family and friends by posting on Facebook. Here’s a summary for the month and you can where there were successes and where there were challenges and where there was a change. And something strange happened. At least it seems strange to me.

Ate well: 1 day
Overate: 29 days (maybe not overate badly on all of those days – just most of them; certainly all of them involved eating more than would have contributed to losing any weight)

Walked 30 minutes at a time: 29 days (took one day off)
Note: sometimes this involves using the treadmill, other times it involves walking outside.

Walked 11,000 steps: 22 days
Note: this is a new goal that was initiated on November 1. When October ended, I realized that it would be possible to reach 1,000,ooo steps from October 1 to December 31. For some reason, that seems cool. To become a 1,000,000 stepper would take about 11,000 steps. Since November 1, that has been the goal.



Despite all the overeating, despite single-handedly eating enough Ben and Jerry’s ice cream to increase their profit margin significantly, I actually lost 4 pounds in November.

That gives me much to ponder for December and beyond.

See you along the Trail.


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Pedometer woes

Got involved in a number of projects last night and did not post.

Had a successful visit with folks from the campus ministry at Virginia Tech.

But also had my pedometer die. Since one goal is 10,000 steps a day, that is a problem. The one silver lining is that I have made it to 10,000 steps enough days in a row to have a pretty good sense of what that takes.

I ordered a new pedometer anyhow.

Exercise (treadmill in gym): 5 days in a row
10,000+ steps: 5 days in a row
Eating well: 9 days in a row
Blood sugar readings: 13 normal in a row; 74% normal since the start

Watched a movie based on Susan Cooper’s book The Dark is Rising. An okay movie – well barely. A much better book. Different media as I always say. But compared to other movies – still barely OK.

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Big News

No movies were viewed. No national parks were visited. But there is big news from today.

My step count was 11,178! I exceeded my goal of 10,000 for the first time.

I went to the gym this morning and listened to Christmas music on my iPod. The movie in the Cardio Theater was Blow. That simply seemed a tad intense. I did 1.84 miles on the treadmill.

But I moved around the building a lot and spent some time at the grocery store and the numbers added up.

I also managed to eat well. The goal there is 3 meals of about 400 calories and 2 or 3 snacks of about 200 calories. Met that one again today too!


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