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AdventWord 2022 – December 13 – #stranger

Another challenging word. I try to heed the words of Tommy Sands:

Let the circle be wide ’round the fireside
And we’ll soon make room for you
Let your heart have no fear, there are no strangers here,
Just friends that you never knew

But there are definitely people I have not met. There are people I don’t know. There are people I hesitate to meet. I confess that. I try to work at that.

Photo: May 17, 2014; Central Park, New York, New York


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AdventWord 2022 – November 27 #walk

Parkinson’s Unity Walk 2019, Central Park, New York

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Call the witnesses

We gathered under the USS Maine Monument at the Merchants’ Gate entrance to Central Park on Columbus Circle.

We gathered to witness for peace and to say no to war with Iran and no to war everywhere. We gathered as did people on Foley Square in New York and in places around the country.

We chanted as we gathered. For a short time, the chant rang out “Call the witnesses.” The reference was to an impending trial in the Senate.

But consider calling …

… young people living in poverty who see no other option than military service …

… children who wonder when, and if, a parent will return …

… parents who grieve for a child killed in action …

… creation exploited and abused by preparation and perpetration of war …

… soldiers maimed in body, spirit, soul, and mind …

… noncombatants wounded and killed and dismissed as collateral damage …

… women harassed and violated …

… communities uprooted and driven from their homes …

… those denied educational opportunities and health care and food and water and housing and infrastructure because needed resources have been directed to preparing for and waging war …

… yes, there are witnesses.

Witnesses to the obscenity and futility of war.

Call them.

Hear them.

Heed them.


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Purple flowers – Central Park 30


27 April 2019
Parkinson’s Unity Walk
Manhattan, New York

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Purple flowers – Central Park 29


27 April 2019
Parkinson’s Unity Walk
Manhattan, New York

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27 April 2019

Walking. Morningside Gardens and Central Park.
The Hub – Paul Horn & R. Carlos Nakai
P.D.A. – John Legend
The Calling – Sera
If You Can’t Say No – Lenny Kravitz
La Dona – Gipsy Kings
Give It Up – Dr. Michael White
One Man’s Trash – John McCutcheon
Fogsail An Dorus – Karen Matheson with Capercaillie
Mazurka – Altan
The Mighty Quinn – Bob Dylan
I’m on My Way to Freeom – Sweet Honey in the Rock
I Saw a Bird Fly Away – Dar Williams
Iowa Stubborn – The Music Man
The Minstrel Boy – Jacqueline Schwab
Rastaman – Lucky Dube

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Parkinson’s Unity Walk

I have registered for the 25th Parkinson’s Unity Walk on Saturday, April 27, 2019, in New York City’s Central Park and I’m reaching out to invite you to join me. I will be walking the team William the Conquerer with Bill Handler and his family. Check out last year’s team photo below.

Over one million people in the United States are living with Parkinson’s disease today – a number that continues to grow because every nine minutes, someone is newly diagnosed.

IMG_7298 (2)By joining the Unity Walk, together we can make a difference in the fight against Parkinson’s disease. One hundred percent of donations go directly to research funded by four Parkinson’s disease foundations in the United States. The Parkinson’s Unity Walk (EIN 13-3842415) is the largest single-day grassroots fundraiser for Parkinson’s disease research in the country. In addition to a 1.4-mile wheelchair-accessible walk, it is also a day of community and education.

Please support my fundraising efforts and donate to the Unity Walk for Parkinson’s disease research. To donate, please visit my fundraising webpage by searching for my name.

Whatever you can give will make a difference – every donation adds up. Together, we will find a cure, and I appreciate your support.



P.S.  From my fundraising webpage, you can donate online and join me for the 2019 Parkinson’s Unity Walk. Thanks again for any support you can give.

You can also donate offline. Please make all checks payable and mail to:

Parkinson’s Unity Walk
PO Box 275
Kingston, NJ 08528

*If you donate offline, please include, “William Koenig, 2019 Parkinson’s Unity Walk” on the check memo line.

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The Until We Meet Again Tour – 30 August 2016

The Until We Meet Again Tour spent most of the day preparing for the next tour – the And Back Again Tour that will originate from Louisville, Kentucky.

During a packing break, a quick stroll was made around Harlem Meer in Central Park to pick up at poster at the Museum of the City of New York.


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The Until We Meet Again Tour – 28 August 2016, part 2

The afternoon appearance of the Until We Meet Again Tour occurred at Central Park, an oft-visited and favorite venue. As with Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine, Tricia and I took a tour.

The park is great; the tour was good; but the guide failed to mention the destruction of Seneca Village, a community of African-Americans and Irish evicted to create the park.  Seneca Village was the only community of African-American property-owners for 19th-century New York.Their land was seized under eminent domain; the homes razed.

Central Park remains one of my favorite places in New York. But knowing of the dispossession of the Indigenous people and the people who lived in Seneca Village temper my understanding of the park and its meaning.

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Purple flowers – Central Park 27

IMG_1859 (800x600)

5 July 2016
Central Park, New York

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