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Bowl Championship Series Championship Game

Not sure that makes a lot of sense, but it is the way things are done in Division I (or whatever they call it) football these days. It is actually proving to be a very good game. Different than what was expected, it is a defensive struggle.

Ricky’s present finally arrived, a great relief. Especially since it is such a good cause.

Watched a National Geographic special on Lewis and Clark while getting ready for work this morning.

Tomorrow is an early day as a group from Virginia Tech is coming in. After that it is a sprint to the end of the day.

Now have 4 days at the gym, over 10,000 steps, and eating well in a row.

See you along the Trail.

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An evening without a computer

Computers had to be left at the Presbyterian Center today to receive new security patches. That allowed some extra time at the gym which coincided with the second half of the Duke-Boston College basketball game. Duke won handily.

Time on a couple weight machines followed time on the treadmill.

The step count for the day totaled 10, 795 steps. A few too many nuts were eaten afterward.

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