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Prayer 1

God of the ages,

grant us patience, courage, and grace;

grant us faith, hope, and love;

grant us all we need

for the living of our days

in the age of Covid-19.


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When the guy beside me in the long slow-moving security line, that followed the long slow-moving check-in line, loudly proclaimed the situation as “ungodly,” all my anger, frustration, and resentment melted in an instant.


You want ungodly?

Ungodly is:
Bombs falling on the Nuba mountains
A wall surrounding Bethlehem
Gaza besieged
Medical personnel killed in Pakistan
Presents under Christmas trees never to be opened because the children for whom they were intended died in a hail of bullets
Uncivil war ripping Pakistan
Rape in North Kivu and India and New York
Abuse in homes, mental institutions, prisons
Bodies and spirits tortured
Young people committing suicide because of what others think about theirs sexual orientation
Women and men and children trafficked for sex or labor or other reason
Economic systems that make a few wealthy beyond imagination and impoverish others
Hunger – real hunger

These are some ungodly things.

Ungodly abounds on this small blue, green planet.

But having to stand in a line – a confusing, inconvenient line – a line that leads to planes that take us where we want, where we have – to be – having to stand in line is:
a pain in our privileged asses and far from ungodly.

See you along the Trail.

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No exceptions

One day,
one hour,
one moment
at a time;
we make
our way
through life:
each of us,
all of us.

No exceptions.

Some of us
simply know
that reality
more keenly.

18 July 2012
DL 1885

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Long line
slowly moves,
privilege whines.

20 April 2012 


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A start

Step by step
One day at a time
I know the platitudes.
I have said them.
I have tried to live them.
Again and again and again
I have tried.
Several times
I have made a step or two
and stopped.
Several times
I have succeed for a day or so
and then fallen short.
The words sound almost hollow.
Yet they contain great truth,
and so today I note:
A start.

See you along the Trail.

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Waiting for Irene

I wait.
I wonder.
I wonder what I should wonder.

August 26, 2011
Shire on the Hudson

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It has taken a long time
to reach this point.
It will take a long time,
it will take hard work,
it will take faith and change,
it will take patience
to reach another, better point.

22 August 2011
Shire on the Hudson 

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Like a green shoot of vine
that wraps around a stone,
clinging patiently until the rock cracks,
there are people who,
seeing something, sensing something in me
beyond my comprehension,
choose the path of relationship,
tenaciously engaging me
until my heart cracks
and they become a part of me

4 August 2011
SW 163, MDW – LGA

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