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I wait

T is for Trail (800x533)“Spying is waiting.”
John le Carré
The Russia House
Apparently I am a spy. Once again, I wait.
Of course no one is paying me to spy, the waiting goes unsubsidized. That makes sense because I am not a good spy. I do not wait well.
Maybe le Carré was wrong. Or maybe he should have said, “to live is to wait. We spend much of life waiting. We play “waiting games in the waiting room” as Al Stewart puts it.
Whether I am spying or living, I wait.
I wait.
See you along the Trail.

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We may measure our days in
minutes, hours, or
other units of times.

How we fill those minutes, hours, or
other units of time
also measures our days.

We may measure our lives in
months, years,  or
other units of time.

What we do during those months, years, or
other units of time
also measures our lives.

28 August 2013
Louisville, Kentucky

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Thanks for teachers

Today, World Teachers’ Day, I give thanks for:








Miss Stuck

Jim Hassel

Larry Sells

Jack Stotts

and all (well at least most) of the teachers and educators I have known.

Each has touched my life and shaped my being.

From each I learned about the subject matter at hand.

From the best I learned to think, to question, to live, to be.

This day, as I should every day, I give thanks for teachers.

See you along the Trail.

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No exceptions

One day,
one hour,
one moment
at a time;
we make
our way
through life:
each of us,
all of us.

No exceptions.

Some of us
simply know
that reality
more keenly.

18 July 2012
DL 1885

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