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Virtual prayer vigil

Joining, from afar, the ecumenical prayer vigil held on Sunday, March 21 in the parking lot of the Gold Massage Spa to honor the victims of the Atlanta shooting. This vigil was organized by Korean Central Presbyterian Church of Atlanta, St. Andrew Kim Catholic Church, Emmanuel Korean United Methodist Church, and Lutheran Church of Incarnation. Here are some prayers for the moment.

Christ have mercy.
We thank you for your beloved children whose
lives were taken too soon, too violently in Georgia.
Draw us together to work
against racism and racist violence against Asian Americans.

Christ have mercy.
Inspire us to see each person
in the wholeness you create;
inspire us to see each person
with your gaze of love;
inspire us to see and honor
your image in each person.

Christ have mercy.
Provide love and courage for those who fear
for their safety because of who they are.
Guide us to disrupt systems and practices
that lead to fear and to create a society
in which no one need be afraid.

Christ have mercy.
Grant rest and comfort and strength
to your children who are wearied
by resisting white supremacy.
Sear the consciences of
those who have accepted privilege without interrogation
those who responded with apathy,
those who have expected people who endure racism
to provide the answers and to do the work.
Move us to care for one another
by dismantling systems that wound and drain
your children, our family
and deny your justice and love to all.

Christ have mercy.
Lead us to learn our history –
the history of Asians in America and of Asian Americans –
the history of the violence too often
inflicted by white supremacy
on Asian nations and on Asians in this nation.
May our learning lead us to recognize wrongs done,
repent, and begin the journey to repair.

Christ have mercy.
Move us to demand that
elected representatives in our nation,
in each state and in every community
speak and work to end hate and violence
directed at the Asian American community.

Christ have mercy.
We have work to do.
So much work to do.
Search our hearts,
guide our feet,
hold our hands,
stand by us
as we do the needed work
to disrupt white supremacy
and dismantle the systemic racism
that impacts Asian Americans
and Black, Indigenous, and people of color.

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22 September 2019

Day off.

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18 September 2019

Rest and recovery day.

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8 September 2019

Rest day. Walked 10,000+ steps. Stretching.
Beneath the Raven Moon – Mary Youngblood
When I Was Most Beautiful – Last Forever
Harvest Moon – Neil Young
Sometimes Eagles – Jack Gladstone
The Kilburn High Road – Flogging Molly
Cold Snow – Jonathan Edwards
Son Sventa N’ahual San Lorenzo – Lol Gomez, Xun Perez, and Mariano Santis Hernandez
Going Up the  Country – Canned Heat
DNA – Kendrick Lamar
The Real Old Mountain  Dew – The Clancy  Brothers & Tommy Makem
Leave It – Yes
Sweet Lorraine – Louis Armstrong & Oscar Peterson
Always Back to You – Eric Bogle
Arizona Skies – Los Lobos

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31 August 2019

This became a rest day. I was too tired to workout in the morning. Then I spent a hunk of the day at the U.S. Open. When I returned home, I was still too tire. Tomorrow will be another day.

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Today, my friend

my friend,
I pray for you.

my friend,
I pray for you.

my friend,
I pray for you.

my friend,
I pray for you.

my friend,
I pray for you.

my friend,
I pray for you.

my friend,
I pray for you.

This day,
my friend,
I pray for you.

my friend,
I pray for you.

14 September 2013
Shire on the Hudson

Slightly different versions of this prayer-poem came out today for friends in different difficult situations.

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rest remains

sleep remains


17 November 2012
Shire on the Hudson

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Q is for Quiet

The pace slows,

shadows lengthen,

the moon rises,

the quiet speaks.

2 August 2009

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