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21 July 2019

Treadmill. Gym at the Shire.
September Moon – Thunder Bird Sisters
Grapefruit Moon – Tom Waits
Fly Me to the Moon – Al Hirt
What a Little Moonlight Can Do – Billie Holiday
Whitey on the Moon – Gil Scott-Heron
Moonlight – Bob Dylan
Buffalo Moon – Brule
Moonshot – Buffy Sainte-Marie
Moonshadow – Yusuf/Cat Stevens
The Whole of the Moon – Celtic Woman
Havana Moon – Chuck Berry
Bad Moon Rising – Credence Clearwater Revival
How High the Moon – Ella Fitzgerald
Shadow of the Moon – Jack Gladstone
Moondance – Johnathan Rhys Meyers
Moon Song – Louis Armstrong & Oscar Peterson
The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress – Joe Cocker

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The reflection of the light


I took this photo in Louisville some years back. I don’t remember the exact date. My friend John and I had been at his health club. He did yoga; I walked the treadmill. We came out to the aftermath of a storm and I got this photo of the moon appearing amidst clouds.┬áIn the darkness of the foreground, tree branches appear.

I posted the photo as my cover photo on Facebook a day or so ago. My friend Leslie observed, “Such darkness.”

She is right.

But as I looked at the photo and pondered her words it occured to me that while there is darkness, there is also the moon and the moonlight.

The darkness, profound as it is, cannot put out the light.

Indeed such darkness cannot even put out the reflection of the light.

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We Meet Again Tour – 31 January 2018, #1

I did some visits on Staten Island and spotted the moon over Brooklyn while riding the ferry back to Manhattan.



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Moon shines; hope lives

photo (52) (599x800)

Reflecting light,
the moon shines.

Between buildings,
the moon shines.

Through clouds,
the moon shines.

The moon shines,
hope rises.

The moon shines,
hope abides.

The moon shines,
hope lives.

16 October 2013
Manhattan, New York


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Graceful exit

On the road to the Incheon airport,
as the sun climbed slowly over the hills,
we watched the moon dissolve
in the gentle blue sea sky and
fade from view,
making yet another
graceful exit.

29 March 2013

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Lent 21: Night

M05 Night 5 July 2011 Colorado Springs, CO


Colorado Springs, Colorado
5 July 2011

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Why I like New York 23: the view from my office

It is hard to beat the view of all the flags of the UN Member states – bright colors on a sunny day.

The moon over Manhattan last night did that. This photo does not do it justice, but it reminds me of the beauty.


28 November 2012
from the Presbyterian Ministry at the United Nations
Manhattan, New York

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Manhattan morning moon

6 August 2012
Platform of 125th Street 1 Train
Manhattan, New York

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Q is for Quiet

The pace slows,

shadows lengthen,

the moon rises,

the quiet speaks.

2 August 2009

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D is for Diversity

It comes in many forms at Ghost Ranch:





sometimes even the trees

and the moon

reflect the diversity

God creates.

26 October 2009

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