Moon shines; hope lives

photo (52) (599x800)

Reflecting light,
the moon shines.

Between buildings,
the moon shines.

Through clouds,
the moon shines.

The moon shines,
hope rises.

The moon shines,
hope abides.

The moon shines,
hope lives.

16 October 2013
Manhattan, New York


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5 responses to “Moon shines; hope lives

  1. Hello there my poetic friend!
    What is your name?
    I shared the post about Spirit Day on my site Totally Inspired Mind: Where Positive Minds Congregate

    I am going to share this as well. I love its simplicity.

    A site you might like is called Photos That Inspire Words at:

    Paulette Le Pore Motzko

    • Thanks Paulette for your comments, for the share, and for the follow. Thanks for sharing the links to your blogs.

      I was walking home on Amsterdam Avenue (New York City) and I spotted the moon. I only had my cell phone so I am not thrilled with the photo. I have some friends who are struggling to hold on to hope. The parallel between their efforts and the moon peeking out between building and through the clouds came to mind.

      I thought my name was on my About page, but I am wrong. I am Mark Koenig.

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