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Rise: 21 May 2014


The sun rises.
and through the trees
we witness.

We rise,
though beset with trouble,
though battered,
though wounded,
we rise again.

Our awareness may falter,
our understanding may be through a thicket dimly
but surely, surely

22 January 2009
General Butler State Park
Carrollton, Kentucky

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To capture the sun

We sought to capture the sun.

IMG_1971 (1024x683)

It did not work.

IMG_1974 (1024x683)

19 June 2013
Empire State Building
Manhattan, New York

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Friday ride to work

I watch from the subway platform
as below, the workers
disembowel what remains of
my dry cleaning store. Piece by
piece they remove the innards
making way for who knows what.
The other would-be passengers
stir restlessly on the platform.
Then I see him.
Leaning against the railing,
eyes closed, he thrusts his face
expectantly toward the sky
trying to absorb every ray
of the early morning sun.
The moment breaks as the platform
begins to vibrate, signalling the
approach of the train. The doors open.
As I enter, Brother Willie comes on my iPod.

11 May 2013
125th Station

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Graceful exit

On the road to the Incheon airport,
as the sun climbed slowly over the hills,
we watched the moon dissolve
in the gentle blue sea sky and
fade from view,
making yet another
graceful exit.

29 March 2013

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O is for Orange

The sun plays on the sky

to create color.

The colors vary

with the day,

the time,

the clouds,

and other factors.

The color of

this time and

this day



24 August 2010

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Dazzling pool

As a dazzling pool
of gold, red, and bronze
swallows the sun,
the pilot reluctantly concedes
yet another race
and banks the plane toward
the nearest airport
and the consolation prize:
a safe landing.

26 October 2011
DL 2044

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