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The Until We Meet Again Tour – August 14, part 2

The Until We Meet Again Tour had always planned a trip to the Hudson River to take photos at sunset. Tonight I walked to Harlem Piers for that purpose. The weather had other ideas. The storm rolled in as I arrived. I beat a hasty retreat, spent a few minutes huddled with some others under an awning, and did not get too wet.

But another trip appears in order.


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Sunset at the Shire

photo (40) (766x1024)


On 17 June,
in the year 2013,
Tricia and I
had this view
on our way
back to the Shire
from the Massawa Restaurant.

See you along the Trail.

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Behind gray green mountains
burns a brilliant golden pool;
light sabers stab the sky
then fade to wisps of brown
as day ends.

Summer 2001
West of Albuquerque

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More to come

“The alphabet is too short.”

So wrote my sister-in-law when “Z is for Zoom” posted in my Ghost Ranch Views alphabet.

I assured her that, while I have no plans to create new letters and extend the alphabet, my postings of Ghost Ranch pictures will continue.

I may go on hiatus for a couple of days – work has reached a busy stretch – but this good thing has not come to an end.

Next up – an a to z series of pictures that feature people. Following that, I will simply post pictures that interest me until I run out of pictures.

More will come.

See you along the Trail.


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Sunset at the ranch

23 August 2010

Some friends have met at
Ghost Ranch
for the last few days
to plan the 2012 Peacemaking Conference,
an event I hope to attend.
While reflecting that they are there
and I am not,
I began to look for pictures
that could transport me
via memory,
via imagination,
to the ranch.

See you along the Trail.

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Dazzling pool

As a dazzling pool
of gold, red, and bronze
swallows the sun,
the pilot reluctantly concedes
yet another race
and banks the plane toward
the nearest airport
and the consolation prize:
a safe landing.

26 October 2011
DL 2044

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