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AdventWord 2022 – December 17 – #majesty

Late afternoon, early evening, New York City. From Arthur Ashe Stadium.

August, 2019


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Purple flower remnants – Morningside Gardens

IMG_3668 (600x800)

Heat and humidity have disrupted the Until We Meet Again Tour.
They have made life difficult for others as well.

13 August 2016
Morningside Gardens
Manhattan, New York

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Advent 20: Good News


13 March 2013
Manhattan, New York

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I wish I had made a sign like that

It isn’t the best photo, but her sign conveys a powerful message. I wish I had thought to make such a sign for the Million Hoodie March that started on New York City’s Union Square. I thanked her.

Hoodies were not required – I went straight from work.

Check out #millionhoodiemarch for more about the evening.

See you along the Trail.

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Hamilton Grange

After preaching at St. James Presbyterian Church, a true blessing, I walked a short way up 141st Street to visit my first National Park of the year. Historians believe that the Hamilton Grange National Memorial is the only home owned by Founding Father Alexander Hamilton.

The home has an interesting tale. It stands on its third site – having been moved twice as the city grew around it.  Hamilton owned the land.

The site involves a brief tour. Only a few rooms on the first floor are open to the public. There is an informative display and two movies. One tells the amazing story of moving the Grange. The second move involved the use of hydraulics and lifting – yes lifting – the building over the church beside it. The second tells the amazing story of Alexander Hamilton. It hooked me. I need to learn more.

From the Grange, I walked home through St. Nicholas Park and the City College of New York on a beautiful, cool January day.

See you along the Trail.

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I, too, am a tourist

Last night the group from Missouri Union Presbytery that is taking part in a seminar at the Presbyterian Ministry at the United Nations invited me to attend the Rockettes‘ performance at Radio City Music Hall.

Since I knew I would not make it to the gym, I walked there in order to make sure I got in my steps (I did!). The route took me past Rockefeller Center where the bright lights got me.

See you along the Trail.

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I see the moon

Watching football, I found myself looking out the window where I spotted the moon across the way.


See you – under the sun and under the moon – along the Trail.

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I lit a candle

Peter Tibi, from South Sudan, and I visited the Cathedral Church of St. John Divine. It has fascinated me ever since I learned of Madeleine L’Engle‘s connection with the place. Peter and I spent over an hour there. It will take many visits to experience all the cathedral offers.

I noticed two places in the cathedral where people had lit candles for people and situations in New York City and around the world. The glow warmed me. And challenged me.

Upon returning to the Shire on the Hudson, I lit a candle of my own: a candle for all those people, all those places, all those situations, all those circumstances for whom no candles have been lit. The candle burns not for who I know nor for what I know. It burns to remind me of those I do not know – those I forget – those I ignore.

See you along the Trail.


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Red rock NYC

In the morning, early in the morning,
far too early in the morning,
I rise and stumble toward the bathroom,
the vista out my window catches my attention;
I pause to watch the sun dance in shades of red
on the buildings of Morningside Heights,
calling to mind the mesas on the Colorado Plateau.
For the longest time I stand,
feeding my spirit on the city canyons’ beauty.

17 September 2011
Shire on the Hudson


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Still 117

Riding up in the elevator today with someone I had not seen in a while, and the conversation went like this:

Did you make it through Hurricane Irene, OK?

I did fine. I was in Oklahoma.

That’s one way to avoid it.

They had lots of coverage. I watched. 

How was Oklahoma?

It was good. Well, it was hot. 117 degrees.

117? (image a sense of amazement and wonder in the tone of voice)

Yes. But it wasn’t so bad. It was a dry heat. Not humid like here.

At this point, the elevator reached his floor. Now I realize that humidity matters. Matters a great deal. One of the things I like about northern New Mexico is the lower humidity. But . . . so as he left the car, I said:

But 117 is still 117.

(laughing) 117 is still 117.

Enjoying cooler weather and hoping it continues!

See you along the Trail.

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