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6 January 2023

Walking. Presbyterian Center.
O, Fair New Mexico – Rick Pickren
Breath of Heaven/We Three Kings – Travis Cloer
We Three Kings – dc Talk
We Three Kings – The Rhos Orpheus Male Choir
We Three Kings – Charles T. Cozens
Saw You Never/We Three Kings – Folks Like Us
We Three Kings – Cumberland Gap Reunion
We Three Kings – The Irish Rovers
We Three Kings – The Roches
We Three Kings – Robert Mirabel
We Three Kings of Orient Are – The Philadelphia Orchestra
We Three Kings – Marion Meadows
We Three Kings – Rod Stewart, feat, Mary J. Bilge
We Three Kings – Michael Doucet
We Three Kings – Holiday Traditions
Three Elders – Red Nativity


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A place I am thankful for

Nature Nov 29

Ghost Ranch. New Mexico.

Traci Smith, author of Faithful Families: Creating Sacred Moments at Home has provided a gift of the November 2018 Gratitude Every Day calendar. I am using it as an opportuity to revisit photos and post them as they speak to gratitude.

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Letting my free tag fly

If you follow this blog, or simply wander through a few of the posts, you will notice a fondness, a deep affection, for Northern New Mexico. It is one of several locations where I experience a profound affinity for the place.

When I was scheduled
for a meeting in Albuquerque, I made an airline ticket that would allow me to arrive about six hours before the meeting. The timing did not permit more free time.

As the day for the meeting approached, I began to see the flaw in my plan. I had no way to travel from the airport.

My friend Takako Terino came to my rescue with an invitation to hang out until I needed to go to the hotel. We went to lunch and had a long conversation. Then we decided to take the tram up to Sanimg_4553-800x600dia Peak.

The mountains were wrapped in cloud. While in made for poor viewing of Albuquerque, it was an incredible experience. Disappearing into the clouds and then the mountain emerging suddenly.

A winter wonderland awaited at the top. Snow made intricate patterns on the trees as the cloud swaddled us.

On the return trip, the person driving the tram looked at me and said, “Your hat is on backward. And there is a tag showing.” See the photo.

Before I could reply, the person removed my hat, put it back on “correctly” and tucked in the tag.

As the person did, I thought, “Seriously? I look like someone who cares about how my hat looks?” But I said nothing.

When Takako and I left the tram, I readjusted my hat and let my free tag fly.

See you along the Trail.

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In person once again

Plans for a fall trip to New Mexico and Ghost Ranch fell apart yesterday as I realized I had failed to read my calendar properly. I am deeply disappointed that things have gone awry. This will be the first year in a while that I have not made such a trip. I had already begun to pencil in an itinerary that included attending a Menaul School football game. After spending a few days in Colorado, I realized anew how much that part of the country feeds my spirit and nurtures my soul. But this year, it is not to be.

Disappointed as I am, I recognize that this “problem”  fails to amount to a hill of beans in this broken and battered world. After a primal scream of sorts, where I acknowledged my privilege, I have begun making plans – plans for what I will do in the New York city area during those days – and plans to increase the likelihood that next year, I will view this in person once again:


Assuming I have read my calendar correctly this time and assuming I can make the plans come together, my alternatives for the fall should result in a fairly significant, in the extremely privileged,  not amounting to a hill of beans sense of significance, announcement late in October or early in November.

See you along the Trail.

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Wistfulness mixes with joy
as I read Eric’s three-letter text:
He has landed in Albuquerque
for another summer at Ghost Ranch.
It appears most likely
I will not spend
any time in
New Mexico
this year.
So I post this photo of the Sandias
taken from the Rio Grande Nature Center
and smile.

See you along the Trail …
just not the Trail in New Mexico …
at least this year.

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Cowboys & Aliens finally made it into the VCR tonight. While not great cinema, it has a fair amount of action and features a number of my favorite actors – Adam Beach and Daniel Craig among them. Sam Rockwell appears in a very different role from others he has played.

But the main attraction of the film remains the place. The filming took place in Abiquiu – near Ghost Ranch. Many places I recognized. Pedernal looms in the background of the opening scene. Others seemed familiar. Fortunately Eric responded to my texts and helped me identify some of the locale.

Several things follow from watching the film:

  • I am more than ready to return to Northern New Mexico and the ranch – it draws me.
  • Places around Ghost Ranch remain for me to see and experience.
  • I need to finish my Ghost Ranch People alphabet.

X, Y, and Z offer challenges. I may have to stretch. But I need to finish. Perhaps tonight. Maybe even before time changes.

See you along the Trail.

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S is for Service Corps

Here’s the deal on the Service Corps at Ghost Ranch:
you pay half-price for room and meals;
you kick in $75;
you work 20 hours or more a week;
and you get a T-shirt.

Plus you get a week at the ranch!

Tricia and I took part last year.
We weeded.
Cut wood.
Rebuilt signs.
Made a supply run to Santa Fe.
Met some great folks.

I took some pictures, too.

This was the first time we had done this.
It probably will not be the last.

On the one hand,
participation in the Service Corps involved paying
to do work that I go out of my way
to avoid doing at any of the places I call home.

On the other hand,
participation in the Service Corps provided an opportunity
to meet and work with amazing people and
to make a difference at a place that means a great deal to m

The other hand wins.

16 July 2011

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L is for Lady

For many years, until her death, in 2010,
Lady roamed the Ghost Ranch,
creating memories that linger,
inspiring stories that continue to be told.

Technically true.
By traditional understandings of personhood,
Lady should not appear in this category.
She is a horse.
I know that.

But, as anyone who visited Ghost Ranch can tell you,
during her years on the ranch,
Lady demonstrated
(again and again and again) that
she had a personality;
she had a presence.

We see her still.

(And she has her own Facebook page.)

24 August 2010

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C is for Cross

The amphitheater provides space
for reflection,
and programming;
it also provides a reminder
of the faith
in which we are rooted.

2 August 2009

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A is for Arrival

The second Ghost Ranch alphabet begins.
What better place to begin than when one arrives at the ranch:
at that time, one checks in.

The main check occurs outside the office.

For the 2010 Peacemaking Conference,
participants confirmed their presence
at the Ghost House.

25 August 2010

Two differences between this and the previous alphabet:
the pictures will include people
the pictures may not appear as often as daily.

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