In person once again

Plans for a fall trip to New Mexico and Ghost Ranch fell apart yesterday as I realized I had failed to read my calendar properly. I am deeply disappointed that things have gone awry. This will be the first year in a while that I have not made such a trip. I had already begun to pencil in an itinerary that included attending a Menaul School football game. After spending a few days in Colorado, I realized anew how much that part of the country feeds my spirit and nurtures my soul. But this year, it is not to be.

Disappointed as I am, I recognize that this “problem”  fails to amount to a hill of beans in this broken and battered world. After a primal scream of sorts, where I acknowledged my privilege, I have begun making plans – plans for what I will do in the New York city area during those days – and plans to increase the likelihood that next year, I will view this in person once again:


Assuming I have read my calendar correctly this time and assuming I can make the plans come together, my alternatives for the fall should result in a fairly significant, in the extremely privileged,  not amounting to a hill of beans sense of significance, announcement late in October or early in November.

See you along the Trail.

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