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My family instilled a love of travel in me. Childhood memories of road trips, camping and “the box” where we carried food to cut costs, fill me.

On the trips my brother and sister and I would often get souvenirs. Sometimes the decisions took place in an instant. Other times deep thought went into the decision. I watched my sons do the same. Few if any of my souvenirs remain, although the memories shine strong. Some of my sons’ souvenirs decorate our house, they may retain others, others disappeared long ago. In any case, I hope they have wonderful memories as well.

Whether discarded before the trip ended or preserved until the present day, choice stood as a common factor behind them. I selected each of my souvenirs as did my siblings and children in their turn.

Yesterday, I obtained a souvenir that someone chose for me. I traveled to Princeton Theological Seminary to meet with students who will do field education at the Presbyterian Ministry at the United Nations. We had great conversations and a picnic lunch. Then I headed to the train and the trip back to New York.

I sat, unknowing, in a quiet car. I either missed the sign or there it did not exist. I either missed the announcement or no announcement came.

I had started a phone conversation on the platform. I continued it in my seat. All went well until the conductor made his way down the aisle. He punched my ticket, tersely said, “Quiet car,” and handed me a card.

I quickly ended my call and sat in silence back to New York. I kept my new souvenir. We’ll see how long it lasts.

See you along the Trail.

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In person once again

Plans for a fall trip to New Mexico and Ghost Ranch fell apart yesterday as I realized I had failed to read my calendar properly. I am deeply disappointed that things have gone awry. This will be the first year in a while that I have not made such a trip. I had already begun to pencil in an itinerary that included attending a Menaul School football game. After spending a few days in Colorado, I realized anew how much that part of the country feeds my spirit and nurtures my soul. But this year, it is not to be.

Disappointed as I am, I recognize that this “problem”  fails to amount to a hill of beans in this broken and battered world. After a primal scream of sorts, where I acknowledged my privilege, I have begun making plans – plans for what I will do in the New York city area during those days – and plans to increase the likelihood that next year, I will view this in person once again:


Assuming I have read my calendar correctly this time and assuming I can make the plans come together, my alternatives for the fall should result in a fairly significant, in the extremely privileged,  not amounting to a hill of beans sense of significance, announcement late in October or early in November.

See you along the Trail.

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Where might the Trail next turn

I just discovered that I have way more frequent flyer miles than I thought. It seems like I should take a trip somewhere and use them.

Any suggestions?

It would be good to go somewhere I could stay for free.

Any invitations?

Either way, see you along the Trail.

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In all the chaos of disengaging from Big Tent Two, I forgot that today is not a vacation day – it is a holiday. I have to revise my entire plan for approaching the day.

While I do that, let me say:

  •  Happy Birthday to my sister, to Vince, and all those who share this day!
  • Thanks to all those who have served and sacrificed in so many different ways to help my country do justice, seek peace, and be the best in can be.
  • Thanks to all who serve today – in whatever ways.
  • Thanks to all who love my country enough to remember its misdeeds and sins – and to help us make restitution and reparation so we can move into the future.

See you along the Trail.

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What passes for vacation

The Trail led to Denver today – after some last meetings in Indianapolis.

We arrived about 8:30 Denver time tonight – in time to see a beautiful sliver moon hanging in an sky turning from blue to darkness while the clouds over the Rockies glowed red in the sunset. By the time we made it to the rental car lot, the moment had passed so it will remain a memory rather than an image preserved in pixels.

What passes for vacation in my life begins tomorrow. We drove from Denver to Colorado Springs. The next few days will see wandering in this area; then the Trail turns north – to see Sue, whose husband Steve just died. A couple days at Rocky Mountain National Park follow. The memorial service for Steve takes place on Saturday. Then we head south to Ghost Ranch, then back to Denver and to Manhattan.

General plans are in place. The specifics will be chosen each day – or maybe the day before – and at least some of them will be reported here in words and images.

See you along the Trail.

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Of large tents

I have been offline a lately since I have been under the Presbyterian Church’s Big Tent in Indianapolis A pretty good time was had. Lots of good folk seen. Tomorrow brings vacation – travel to Colorado – then to Ghost Ranch.

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