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And yet

Much like any morning
garbage dumped
coffee made
coffee consumed
dishwasher runs
dryer spins

and yet

with the dawn
comes anew the awareness that
grace abides
hope abounds
love lives
mercy multiplies
justice beckons

for Christ is risen,
risen indeed,
making this day,
and every day,

8:45 AM, 9 April 2023
There is poetic license at work here. The closest I came to seeing dawn this Easter day is in some photos of the sunrise service at Second Presbyterian Church in Baltimore that my son Eric took. One of those photos appears in this post.


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31 March 2023 – Love Rising

Playlist based on the Love Rising concert in Nashville. Thanks to Laura and Jess for helping me find Ann Powers’ Spotify playlist which served as the basis for this list.
You’re Not Alone – Allison Russell, feat. Brandie Carlile
The Village – Wrabel
Hard to Make a Stand – Sheryl Crow
Going to Hell – Adeem the Artist
Burn This Statehouse Down – Mya Byrne & Paisley Fields, feat. Kym Register + Meltdown Rodeo, Swan Real, Aaron Lee Tasjan, Chris Kelly, Sandy Loam & Scott Wolfson and Other Heroes
History Repeats – Brittany Howard
Faith Healer – Julien Baker
We’re All Gonna Die – Joy Oladokun & Noah Kahan
The Middle – Zedd, Maren Morris & Grey
Pluto – John Wesley Rogers
Hold On – Yola & The Highwomen, feat. Sheryl Crow, Brandi Carlile & Natalie Hembey
Let Me Be – Fancy Hagood & Devon Gilfillian
Nina Cried Power, feat. Mavis Staples
What’ve I Done to Help – Jason Isabell and the 400 Unit
All of This Beauty – Izzy Heltai
Inordinary – Haley Wiukuans
Take It Like a Man – Amanda Shires
I Got My Head Made Up – Instant Funk
Crowded Table – The Highwomen
I Am America – Shea Diamond
Queen for Tonight – Asia O’Hara
On a Sunday – Autumn Nicholas
Bible Belt – Chris Housman
Welcome to Chambers County – Brady Riley
Dying on the Vine – Harper Grae
Stand in the Light – Brody Ray
Taxiderny – Jeff Holden
Maybe Possibly – Ally Free
Sober – Carmen – Carmen Dianne
Swamp Witch – She Returns from War
Under the Milky Way – Lilly Hiatt
blood – Kaitlin Butts
Last Night Was Good for My Soul – The Shindellas
Hard Life – Aaron Lee Tasjan
Loving Her – Katie Pruitt
Catch This Love – Mila Jam
Drag Queens in Limousines – Mary Gauthier
Better Than We Found It – Maren Morris
For Judas – Adeem the Artist
Take Me to Church – Hozier
Cover Me Up – Jason Isbell

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St. Patrick’s Day

I speak for no others,

only for myself.

For me, this day has

nothing to do with

green beer or

green rivers or

green clothing,

this day has nothing to do with

pinching me or kissing me;

my bad jokes aside,

this day has nothing to do even with Jameson.

Today is a day

to remember oppression

to honor resistance

to recognize that, despite the efforts of

systems of race and racialization

to separate us,

struggles for dignity and justice,

freedom and equality,

human rights and humanity

are inseparably linked:

none of us are free until all of us are free.

for that reason, in that spirit, and in my own fashion,

I mark this day, and each 17th of March.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

Fitzgerald, from County Cork, on my mother’s side

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A prayer for us all

Remind me, God,

that I am your Beloved Child.

When I fall short,

I am your Beloved Child.

When I go astray,

I am your Beloved Child.
When I make mistakes,

I am your Beloved Child.

When I embarrass myself,

I am your Beloved Child.

When I act with kindness and grace,

I am your Beloved Child.

When I work for justice,

I am your Beloved Child.

When I walk humbly with you,

I am your Beloved Child.

When I am loved and when I love,

I am your Beloved Child.

In all things,

I am your Beloved Child.

In all circumstances,

I am your Beloved Child.

Today, tomorrow, and forever,

remind me, God,

that I am, and always will be,

your Beloved Child.

In Jesus’ name I pray.


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AdventWord 2022 – December 25 – #Emmanuel

Emmanuel. God with us. If God is with us, any photo would work to express Emmanuel. I chose several that show working for justice, loving kindness, and walking humbly with God by visiting elected representatives, advocating, making a public witness, and amplifying other voices.

Photo 1 – New York delegation at Ecumenical Advocacy Days 2019, Washington, DC.

Photo 2 – Advocacy postcards for immigration justice, Whitestone, NY – 2018

Photo 3 – Standing Rock, SD – 2016

Photo 4 – Whitestone, NY – 2015

Photo 5 – Louisville, Ky – May 1, 2021

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24 December 2022 – The Christmas Truce

Walking. Apartment.|
The 1914 Christmas Truce.
Snoopy’s Christmas – The Royal Guardsmen
Christmas Truce – Sabaton
Pipes of Peace – Paul McCartney
1914, the Carol of Christmas – Military Voices & Abby Scott, feat. Flt Lt Matt Little, the Raf Spitfire Choir & William Inscoe
Let the Truce Be Known – Orphaned Land
Christmas 1914 – John McDermott
It Could Happen Again – Colin Raye
All Together Now – The Farm
Christmas True of 1914 – Joyce Cooling
The Christmas True – Carol Dowgiallo & Bob Dowgiallo
Ode to the Christmas Truce of 1914 – Marshall Hattersley
Christmas Truce – Fenya
The Christmas Truce – Gloucester Cathedral Choir, Adrian Partington, Jonathan Hope, Sacha Fullerton, Jack Parry, Deryck Webb & Nicholas Perfect
Christmas in the Trenches – John McCutcheon
Silent Night/Stille Nacht – John McCutcheon

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AdventWord 2022 – December 19 – #sign

Designed, created, and posted by the daughter of a friend.

Let it be.

Photo: Summer, 2021; Germantown, Louisville, Kentucky

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AdventWord 2022 – December 11 – #messenger

I broke the rule today that says post one photo.

As I searched through photos, I found two that spoke to me.

I could not choose, so I add both,

I am grateful for messengers of:






Photos: Harriet Tubman in Harlem, New York; John Lewis film viewed in Morningside Gardens, New York

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A prayer while packing food

Thank you, God,

for all my colleagues who

generously gave to support the local pantry.

Watch over all who receive this food,

help them know your presence.

Guide us Gpd to work to create a system

in which your abundance is shared

so that all your precious children

have enough.

We pray in Jesus’ name.


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AdventWord 2022 – December 3 #unity

A Palestinian flag flies in a camp at Standing Rock.

A witness to solidarity.

A reminder that all struggles for justice are intertwined.

A symbol of unity.

Photo: 14 November 2016, Standing Rock, North Dakota

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