What passes for vacation

The Trail led to Denver today – after some last meetings in Indianapolis.

We arrived about 8:30 Denver time tonight – in time to see a beautiful sliver moon hanging in an sky turning from blue to darkness while the clouds over the Rockies glowed red in the sunset. By the time we made it to the rental car lot, the moment had passed so it will remain a memory rather than an image preserved in pixels.

What passes for vacation in my life begins tomorrow. We drove from Denver to Colorado Springs. The next few days will see wandering in this area; then the Trail turns north – to see Sue, whose husband Steve just died. A couple days at Rocky Mountain National Park follow. The memorial service for Steve takes place on Saturday. Then we head south to Ghost Ranch, then back to Denver and to Manhattan.

General plans are in place. The specifics will be chosen each day – or maybe the day before – and at least some of them will be reported here in words and images.

See you along the Trail.

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