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Wild horses

IMG-0252Germantown Mill Lofts has proven a wonderful place for Tricia rehab from her hip replacement surgery. There are long, flat, air-conditioned halls to walk. Photos of the days when the mill functioned appear as does equipment from that time. Art is present as well – such as this sculpture.

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Purple livery

IMG_3535 (800x533)

There are some flowers,
but mostly there is that

Central Park
Manhattan, New York
14 September 2013

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Z is for Zaineddin

Mark Z
has served several years
as the chaplain at Ghost Ranch.

This is the only time I resorted to using a person’s name.
Except for Lady.
And she was a horse,
although she and many others would have disputed that.

2 August 2009

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L is for Lady

For many years, until her death, in 2010,
Lady roamed the Ghost Ranch,
creating memories that linger,
inspiring stories that continue to be told.

Technically true.
By traditional understandings of personhood,
Lady should not appear in this category.
She is a horse.
I know that.

But, as anyone who visited Ghost Ranch can tell you,
during her years on the ranch,
Lady demonstrated
(again and again and again) that
she had a personality;
she had a presence.

We see her still.

(And she has her own Facebook page.)

24 August 2010

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