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Why I like New York 43 – Art


12 March 2020
Peregrine Falcon
Corner of W. 72nd and Broadway
Manhattan, New York

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Wild horses

IMG-0252Germantown Mill Lofts has proven a wonderful place for Tricia rehab from her hip replacement surgery. There are long, flat, air-conditioned halls to walk. Photos of the days when the mill functioned appear as does equipment from that time. Art is present as well – such as this sculpture.

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Purple not flowers, Purple Horse

Purple Horse
Carmen G.
Houston, Texas
“The horse looks sad and tired, like me, because we are bored.
The hour is tired from running
and I’m tired from being in the hospital for what I have.”


29 May 2017
Houston International Airport
Houston, Texas

While walking through the Houston International Airport today,
I came across an exhibit of artwork.
The artists are children.
The art is sponsored by the Periwinkle Foundation
which uses art to provide meaningful and healing artistic opportunities
for children and their families
at the Texas Children”s Cancer and Hematology Centers.

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The Until We Meet Again Tour – 24 August 2016

The Until We Meet Again Tour went upon a quest to find paintings by Thomas Sully at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Sully is Tricia’s fifth great-uncle.

IMG_3846 (800x600)

We succeeded.

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Changing the question

IMG_5289 (800x533)Tricia and I headed up the Hudson River for the weekend. We stopped first at the Storm King Art Center. We opted to rent an audio guide.

As I looked at one sculpture, the narrator said , “People often ask, ‘Is it art?’ when they view our sculpture. We prefer the question, ‘Is it an experience?'”

Definitely a question to ponder. Something to carry to other venues.

See you along the Trail.



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I confess that I do not like to clean. I am not sure that makes me unique in any great way. I suspect an overwhelming number of people share that view. I may be part of the crowd, but I do want it known. I also want it known that I do not expect anyone to clean up after me. I never – well at least very, very rarely – complain when others do not clean. And I have instructed people not to clean up after me.

In a somewhat paradoxical act, I, one of the elite non-cleaners in the world, volunteered to help clean the office at West-Park Presbyterian Church last Saturday. It proved great fun with a wonderful group of co-cleaners.

photo (14) (1024x965)At one point we take a break to view some art that Angelo has donated to the church. Bright, vivid colors. Mexican influence. Indigenous influence. Intriguing mixture of Roman Catholic, indigenous, and abstract imagery. Good stuff.

Tonight at a meeting of the Committee on Witness to Society and the World of the Presbytery of New York City, my friend Bob, pastor at West-Park, tells me that the church has hung one of Angelo’s pieces depicting scenes from the life of Jesus in the sanctuary. I look forward to seeing it.

Bob also tells me that Angelo paints angelitos that he gives to friends and neighbors and even strangers. And then Bob gives me one. A companion, a blessing for the journey for which I am grateful.

See you along the Trail.

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Why I like New York 26: art

photo (3)Art decorates the city.  One finds art almost everywhere – in the museums for certain, but also in unexpected places.

After my adventure at Riverside Cleaners, I made my way down Broadway toward Village Copier. At 117th Avenue, Aphrodite caught my eye. One of seven pieces by Saint Clair Cemin, she stands on the Broadway Malls.

As with most art, I am not sure, I understand the sculpture. I am sure I could not explain it. But I am glad New York has the sculpture and that art fills the city. It helps make me classy.

See you along the Trail.

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Do they drip from the ceiling,
one drip at a time,
slowly, patiently?

Do they rise from the floor,
all at once
in a seismic cataclysm?

The artist allows us
to create our own story
of the colors
that welcome us
to the Virginia Museum of Fine arts.

See you along the Trail.

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