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Wild horses

IMG-0252Germantown Mill Lofts has proven a wonderful place for Tricia rehab from her hip replacement surgery. There are long, flat, air-conditioned halls to walk. Photos of the days when the mill functioned appear as does equipment from that time. Art is present as well – such as this sculpture.

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Why I like New York 26: art

photo (3)Art decorates the city.  One finds art almost everywhere – in the museums for certain, but also in unexpected places.

After my adventure at Riverside Cleaners, I made my way down Broadway toward Village Copier. At 117th Avenue, Aphrodite caught my eye. One of seven pieces by Saint Clair Cemin, she stands on the Broadway Malls.

As with most art, I am not sure, I understand the sculpture. I am sure I could not explain it. But I am glad New York has the sculpture and that art fills the city. It helps make me classy.

See you along the Trail.

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Penguins of New York

Around the Peace Fountain at the
Cathedral of Saint John the Divine,
appear sculptures of animals.
While visiting the cathedral with Peter Tibi,
the penguins spoke to me.

If only they wore black and a variation of gold.

And came from Pittsburgh.

See you along the Trail.

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