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S is for Service Corps

Here’s the deal on the Service Corps at Ghost Ranch:
you pay half-price for room and meals;
you kick in $75;
you work 20 hours or more a week;
and you get a T-shirt.

Plus you get a week at the ranch!

Tricia and I took part last year.
We weeded.
Cut wood.
Rebuilt signs.
Made a supply run to Santa Fe.
Met some great folks.

I took some pictures, too.

This was the first time we had done this.
It probably will not be the last.

On the one hand,
participation in the Service Corps involved paying
to do work that I go out of my way
to avoid doing at any of the places I call home.

On the other hand,
participation in the Service Corps provided an opportunity
to meet and work with amazing people and
to make a difference at a place that means a great deal to m

The other hand wins.

16 July 2011

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