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12 July 2019

Treadmill. Gym at the Shire.
Strength with NK Body  Philosophy.
Walking. Morningside Gardens.
The Etch-a-Sketch  Song – Triton & The Minnows
Alexander Hamilton
Aaron Burr, Sir
My Shot
The Story of Tonight
The Schuyler Sisters
Farmer Refuted
You’ll Be back
Right Hand Man
A Winter’s Ball
The Story of Tonight (Reprise)
Wait for It
Stay Alive
Ten Duel Commandments
Meet Me Inside
That Would Be Enough
Guns and Ships


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The Until We Meet Again Tour – 5 July 2016

The Until We Meet Again Tour visited Bryan Park, the main New York Public Library, and Central Park. Tricia and I repeatedly tried to win tickets to see the musical Hamilton, but failed. However we had several Hamilton sightings around town.

IMG_2361 (800x800)

See you along the Trail.


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The Until We Meet Again Tour – 3 July 2016

The Until We Meet Again Tour had an easy day. It started at Strawberry Fields and then Tricia and I walked to the New York Historical Society. There we saw Hamilton memorabilia and a statue. Not quite the same as the show. But our efforts to win the lottery have fallen short. So far.

IMG_2338 (800x600)

See you along the Trail.

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Hamilton Grange

After preaching at St. James Presbyterian Church, a true blessing, I walked a short way up 141st Street to visit my first National Park of the year. Historians believe that the Hamilton Grange National Memorial is the only home owned by Founding Father Alexander Hamilton.

The home has an interesting tale. It stands on its third site – having been moved twice as the city grew around it.  Hamilton owned the land.

The site involves a brief tour. Only a few rooms on the first floor are open to the public. There is an informative display and two movies. One tells the amazing story of moving the Grange. The second move involved the use of hydraulics and lifting – yes lifting – the building over the church beside it. The second tells the amazing story of Alexander Hamilton. It hooked me. I need to learn more.

From the Grange, I walked home through St. Nicholas Park and the City College of New York on a beautiful, cool January day.

See you along the Trail.

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